11 November 2013

Hask - Macadamia Hair Oil and Mask

Hello there!
I feel like I haven't blogged in ages which is true because all the previous posts were scheduled ages ago. I just haven't had time recently. Been so busy with everything else that I've had to put blogging to a side for a few weeks. I think I need to schedule my life. Got so many ideas but no time to write which I hate because I love to blog! Anyway, I have time today to write a new post!

Macadamia oil is an extremely popular oil in the beauty world. I haven't ever tried the original macadamia oil but have used the healing oil treatment. Hask which can be found in Primark do a great range of hair oils and hair masks including their macadamia hair oil and mask which I'll be reviewing today. I've already reviewed their Argan and Keratin protein oils. Feel free to take a look!
The Hair Mask*
This comes in a sachet like all the other masks and can be used up to 3 times. It comes out quite thick, almost in a conditioner like consistency. This smells so good! I really like the scent. It's quite sweet and nutty. I use a good amount and massage it from my roots to the tips of my hair. I like the fact that adding this into the roots doesn't make your hair oily or heavy afterwards. Usually I leave masks on for about 10 minutes. I leave this on for up to 15 minutes. When combing through my damp hair, I get about a million knots. My hair being really long means that's bound to happen which can be painful too you know. After using this, my hair was knot free which I was so happy about. It left my damp hair really smooth and I was able to brush through it easily. After my hair was dried, it felt really light in a way. It didn't feel heavy so I am guessing it's a light hair mask but one that really works well and is a deep conditioning treatment. It left my hair feeling smooth, soft and knot free. Usually my hair is a frizz ball when it's dried as well but I am happy to tell you guys it really tamed the frizz. I feel like it just added that extra boost your hair need on them dull hair days. Like it says on the pack, it definitely did repair the dryness my hair had as well as revitalizing it. What more can you ask for?!

The Hair Oil*

The macadamia hair oil by Hask claims to make your hair smooth and revitalise it. It comes in a small , long bottle and smells really lovely. It's quite thick consistency wise. I use a tiny amount and work it into my hair after it's completely dried as I find hair oils work better this way. It adds so much shine back to my hair and really smooths it out as well as taking care of any baby hair and flyaways which I have lots of! As for dryness, it really does work well for dry hair. It softens the tips of my hair and makes my hair smell lovely the whole day. After the keratin oil, I'd really recommend trying this one out. For the price, Hask hair oils are so worth it! 

Have you tried Macadamia Oil before?
Hareem x


  1. Primark are so good for their hair oils, just as good as the high end brands! I love all hair oils but I think Keratin is my favourite.

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. I've tried agan oil before, it came in three small tubes similar to the one you talked about here, and I too loved them
    The tubes are so good for travelling I always bring one with me

  3. I really want to try the loreal oil! I'm a big macadamia fan xharriet


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