23 August 2013

Hask Hair - Keratin Protein Hair Mask

Hair masks for me are a hair essential product. I really do believe they do great things for your hair. 
Hask is a brand that is available in good old Primark and do a range of hair masks. I recently tried their Keratin Protein mask* which retails fpr £2 (I think!) per sachet. 
The minute I read keratin protein, I knew this would be a great product as that is an amazing ingredient. It's a smoothing deep conditioning mask that prevents breakage in weak, damaged hair. I can not rave enough about this! This is truly one amazing little product. The product comes in a sachet which is generously filled. On my long hair I was able to have up to 4 applications per sachet. I think the quantity in it is a lot! You don't need a lot of it either. I apply this from my roots to the ends of hair and leave it on for about 10 minutes after washing my hair. It has consistency that's similar of a conditioner when you apply it on. After rinsing it out, when my hair is dry, I can immediately notice the difference. My hair has never been this soft before and after using this particular mask my hair feels and look bouncy, like how they show the hair in them amazing hair ads. Ever since I got highlights done, I feel like I need to look after my hair a little more because it does get quite dry at times. And having blond highlights can make your hair look a little rough too. My hair is just in the best condition ever at the moment. It makes the ends feel softer and really helps to hide the split ends. If you want smoother, softer hair then I highly recommend this. Like I mentioned, you can this from Primark. 
For the price, this is so good. It's one of the best masks I've used and it's now become my hair essential. 
I have been trying out lots of Hask products which I'll be reviewing soon!

Have you tried any Hask products?
Hareem x


  1. Sounds like a great hair mask! :)



  2. This sounds fantastic actually, normally I find hair masks too heavy but I've still been on the look out for one! I love the Primark hair oils too, such good value for money!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. I got sent a load of these too, they're quite good considering the price! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. 2£ and you can nab it in primark!! if my local doesn't have this, i may cry.x

  5. I've seen these in Primark but never purchased. I do however have these guys placenta treatment!

    It had these floaty white bits in it and it's from a cow. Don't have the heart to use it though, ha!

  6. When I was in London I've seen such hair masks a lot in primark too bad I never picked one
    I'm glad you liked it, I need a great hair mask so badly!

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  10. At the point when I took my turns out, I could barely handle it! My hair wasn't oily AT ALL and it was totally loosened up (shrinkage is an issue for naturals). Generally, when I take out my turns and style my hair, it poofs out into an Afro. Hair loss treatment for women


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