08 November 2013

Jumper Love

Who here thinks of jumpers when you hear winter? Me. I love jumpers. They're cosy, soft and depending on what you get, quite trendy. I thought I'd share a few favorites of mine that I have been wanting after having a little look.

1 - I love Superdry clothing and one of my favorite things from Superdry is their jumpers. I was browsing online (as you do, trying not to buy anything) and saw some Superdry jumpers. This one all depends on your taste but I kinda like it! This one is a navy blue jumper with a lovely pink pattern on it and it needs to be mine. It's one of them style that you need to style correctly and it'll look great. Also isn't it quite Christmasy?

2 - This mint jumper with the crystal embellishment on the neckline is from Topshop and isn't it gorgeous? It's simple and classy. Not a wintery colour but still something lovely to have and pair with.

3 - I absolutely adore this black chenille jumper from H&M and it has to be the softest thing ever. I saw it in the shop and this is so darn amazing. I shall be going back for it! It's just so cosy and warm. I'd probably be stroking it on my face the whole day to be honest.

4 - Another Superdry number from Javelin Clothing. It's their cable crew jumper which comes in 2 more colours but I love the burgundy. It's one of them smart yet casual type of jumpers and perfect for winter.

5 - Cable knit jumpers are another favourite of mine. They're really thick and warm and like the different patterns you can get in them. This cream one is also from Topshop and does it not look lovely? Something about white jumpers I love. Not sure what it is!

6 - And lastly, another knitted jumper from H&M. I fell in love with the mustard colour of this one and the slight curve at the bottom. I haven't seen this one in the store itself but I'll be going for another search and hopefully will find it!

What do you guys think about jumpers?
In love with them as much as I am?
Hareem x


  1. I absolutely love number 4, it looks so well fitted! Thank you for sharing :) xx

    EmmaBelleFashion | Twitter

  2. I've never been into mustard attire but recently, I can't get enough of it! Jumper number 6 looks so cosy and warm.
    I may have to take a trip into H&M in the near future...
    JS xx


  3. The Top shop embellished jumper is stunning - it would make any outfit look glammed up :o). Xx


  4. 2 & 5 are so ,so beautiful, following you now, please follow back if you want:)




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