17 August 2016

Highcross Summer Food Fest

Highcross Leicester is more and more becoming a great food place with lots of great places to eat and great events for all the people. Over the weekend they hosted their Summer Food Fest where there were lots of offers going on, demos and free samples. Who doesn't love that. 

On Monday, along with a few other local bloggers, I was invited down to a little three course meal - Highcross style. I knew this was gonna be good. When food is involved it always is. Also, this may be a photo heavy post but it's food so you know how it is. I could take a million photos of the same item and well it's all worth it. 

We first headed to Pizza Express for starters. We ordered the Pizza Express original bruschetta, calamari, the antipasto platter and some dough balls. The dough balls. I could have just these on there own as the main. They were so good. I ate all the olives too I think. Yum, I also ordered the raspberry lemonade. So good! Also guys get the dough balls if I haven't already said enough. 

After Pizza Express we headed to Bills for the mains. Bills is just a pretty place to be. I think we were all excited to photograph the decor. I mean it's good food and just a great atmosphere to be honest. We were served possibly the best fish finger sandwich at Bills which is a specialty of theirs, along with some good old chips. It was also the biggest fish finger sandwich. The portion size is massive hence I didn't even get to finish it. I also ordered a watermelon cooler which I have had before and it was just as good as the last time I had it. Really refreshing and makes a bit of a from all the minty and lemony drinks I usually go for. 

For our third and final stop, we headed to ED's Diner for dessert. Little did we know they had a whole meal prepared for us as well as dessert. They were great and actually let us take it home but we all did have a milkshake and oh my gosh, it was so so good. I love recess peanut butter cups since I was about 9. I used to have a pack of it in my lunch at school almost every single day and this milkshake was just so good. Also, there was so much of it. Like literately a jug for a person. If you love anything peanut butter, like me, you will love this a lot. Go and get it. Please. Also, I got to take home a chickpea and quinoa burger which was really nice. I forgot to photograph it but it was delicious and different to the normal vegetarian variety you get. Also, the staff and ED's diner is so lovely! Such great service and so polite. 

If you are ever in Highcross, drop by to any of these places. Dough balls, fish finger sandwich or a recess peanut butter milkshake. Pick any. You won't be disappointed. You can also download the Highcross Plus app for a lot offers and free samples. :)

Hareem x

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