25 May 2016

Sephora Cream Lip Stain - Always Red

Sephora lip stains were all the hype a few months back or even a year. I am actually not sure because I am always late to the party. I've had this for about 6 months now and I completely forgot that I had to review this. I am clearly slacking as always. I say this every time don't I?

On the Sephora website the description for this is stated as a thick velvet cream that dries as a stain. I bought mine in 01 Always Red. It's a matte bold classic red. It comes in your typical liquid lipstick packaging with a doe foot applicator which is always nice because I find this sort of an applicator always provides a very finished and precised look, especially when you are trying to shape your lips. I've inserted both liquid and dry images so you can see the consistency which is fairly thick and velvety once you start applying. Once the formula is dry the colour actually becomes slightly darker which I sort of knew would happen and I much prefer it. It's not as drying either as many of the liquid lipsticks can be and neither does it start to crumble away particularly when you've eaten which the MUA ones do. It's more towards a cooler toned red I'd say with blue undertones. I'm more warmer toned, complexion wise, however it actually suits me well which I was surprised by because when I did see at first I was sort of like nah not for me. The consistency is great. It is not too heavy on the lips so feels fairly light and there isn't a lot of transfer either. Overall it's a great lip stain and I would recommend it if you ever have the to pick it up.
Any other shades you'd recommend? I'm loving the darker berry tones.
Hareem x


  1. Oh I love this lip stain by them! I also love Strawberry Kissed!


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