26 August 2016

East Midlands Bloggers Meetup

This is an overdue post and I'm not sure why its taken me this long to post it but here it is. I went along to the East Mids Meetup which was organised by Emmie, Kirstie and Lianne. It was held here in Leicester and a lot of planning and work had gone into this so I was pretty excited to finally go!


We all met up at Manhattan 34 here in Leicester which was a really nice place to hold an event like this. I think about 40 other bloggers were also there so sort of a mini bloggers party really and it was pretty good if I may say so myself.

Once we all got there we were all given a fact about another blogger and as an ice breaker we had to sort of ask around and find out who it was which I thought was a fun little thing to start off as most of us were nervous I bet but this was well a great ice breaker. We all had drinks etc and the lovely people from Bru were there as well who were so great to talk to. I am sure if you live in Leicester you've been to Bru. I love the cakes there and lucky us they brought a great selection of their cakes for all of us to try. Their Brownies are the best!

During this time we also had some great entertainment by a very talented young singer, Becky Bruce. Besides this the lovely ladies from Blogosphere Magazine were also there who talked about the magazine for bloggers written by us bloggers. I had a flick through the issues they had brought with them and they look really great and quiet informative yet a fun read. I think I will be subscribing very soon. If I do remember correctly there are 4 issues throughout the year for £25 I believe. Not bad at all.

Gabby from Cool as Leicester PR was also there who gave a really informative talk on the PR side of things when it comes to blogging. It gave a great insight as to how to form relationships with PR's as well as basic things to do when approaching them, keeping your blog up to date as well as knowing your stats. Danique Hair and Angel eyes were also their giving us bloggers lash extensions and hair consultations which was really great of them.

There was also a raffle where all the proceeds were going to Rainbows Hospice and Bowel Cancer UK. There were some really great prizes if I may say so. I think we all wanted the happiness planner! Also, the goody bags we all received at the end were so good! Thank You to Matalan for the lovely items. I loved the home-ware items as well as Witch and Merumaya Skincare, Vita Coco, Lush and Carex.

This was a really great meetup. It was organised really well and also really informative. I really liked that there was a lot of thought behind and I am sure everyone will agree with that. I really did pick up a lot of info and most importantly had a lot of fun and it was so great to meet so many other local bloggers! Thanks to all the girls who put this great meet up together!

Hareem x


  1. Those brownies! They look delicious! What a great meet up, will be looking a blogosphere magazine now! x

  2. Oh my gosh! This look so fun <3 Totally want to attend a meet up the next time because it looks like you had a great time :) So glad to see such support in Leicester :D


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