05 September 2016

Rush Hair Salon

A few backs back I went over to the brand new Rush* hair salon that has just opened here in Leicester; literally opposite High Cross, 50 High Street to be accurate. This was one of my more exciting trips to a salon, firstly because I've heard great things about Rush since I started blogging years ago however they never had a salon near by. Mostly in London is what I heard or read about but this is the first one here in the Midlands I believe so yeah exciting and secondly my hair needed some deep TLC. Badly. It got to a point where I couldn't make it look great any how. Haircut was needed.
They invited me over for a cut and finish a few weeks back which went really well. I didn't want a re-style or anything drastic at all. All he had to ask was how much shorter I'd like my hair to be and I think he saw the panic in my face. Yup. But I gotta tell you nothing like that happened and I actually felt really relaxed the whole time and it all goes to my stylist Shane who was so great. He did everything to make me be comfortable and I loved talking to him. I even got a coloring consultation with him which I haven't been able to make my mind up about but after talking to him I will be booking myself in to get a balayage done which I really excited about. He literally handed me the colour chart to look through.

He used Kerastase products on me which as always were fantastic. I will deffo be investing in their heat protectant that they do which is something I really need to add to my hair routine. Instead of getting a whole new cut I just wanted my layers that were already present to be blended in and any damaged hair to be gone and just something to frame my face. After blow drying my hair he actually decided to curl it as well and I loved it. My hair looked so good. It felt soft and nourished and had that whole bounce to it. So just a big thank you to Shane for all the hard work! It's been weeks now and my hair looks good still.

The salon itself is really spacious and really modern. I loved the decor and really liked how open it was.The salon had a great atmosphere which I really loved and the stylists there all provided really great customer service as well. Would I recommend it Yes. Deffo check it out if you are in need of a little hair pamper!

Hareem x

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