17 March 2016

Rediscovered - Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner

I ran out of my Zukreat art liner pen the other day and was sort of rummaging through my drawers for another eyeliner. I found my Collection fast stroke liner which I've used before but I sort of didn't love it at the time but I didn't hate it either. It was all I had that I could use and to be honest I haven't used another different eyeliner in a month now hence the rediscovery.
At first glance, this is your typical old school liquid liner but who doesn't love that. The best eyeliner looks that I've seen so far (Instagram addiction) are from a very standard liquid liner. As much as I love gel liners I have the whole transfer problem where five minutes later it's all transferred on the crease. So annoying. I've been using this everyday and love it way more than I did before. I like my liner to be on the thicker side and this is perfect for it. Once you get used to it, a winged liner is so simple to create with this. The formula is great too with a perfect consistency. It's not very watery where you keep having to add layers but fairly thick. The applicator itself seem thick but it's actually pretty simple to create a thinner liner or wing as well because of the tip. Oh and my fave part. Dries matte. Completely matte with zero shine. Perfect. £2.99. Even better. 

Hareem x


  1. I like felt tip liners... although I still struggle with the cat eye flicks... sheesh, why is it so darn hard?

    Arianne | Ayre

  2. Sounds like a great liner plus the price is a bonus! I'm terrible with eyeliner and do tend to shy away from suing it a lot of the time as it just scares me.

    Kirsty x

  3. this sounds really good and i like that it sounds easy for making a flick - something i really suck at haha.xx www.jesskadenise.com


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