08 March 2016

The Northern Cobbler

A few weeks ago I went to the Northern Cobbler which is based here in Leicester where they launched their SS16 footwear collection for men and women. I really like the concept they have. I mean it's a coffee shop as well as a place where you can browse and shop. It's quiet unique. Not only the concept but also their collection. If you're after something that is funky but elegant and not found in your local high street then this is your place.

Firstly can I just mention that whoever made the salted caramel macaroons at this event is absolutely amazing. Who are you? I need to know so you can make me them forever. Thank you.
Now back to the main topic. 

Northern Cobbler, an English brand, was created by Steffan Safhill and Feroza Bham (lovely to meet them!). Steffan has a background in design and Feroza in buying. Both share a passion for footwear and wanted to bring and create coveted shoes with design and quality being the focal point. When you actually see the footwear, I can assure you quality really is the focal point. The shoes are really lovely and in one glance you can tell that they're beautifully handcrafted and high in quality. All the footwear they have present is very elegant and simple but with an edge to it. Its quirky. And quirky is good. You won't be able to find something like that in your local store. The pair of shoes I really loved were the Stonefish in white. They look like such a comfy pair and if I had one word to describe them it would be easy. Literally would go with any outfit. I feel as though there is something for all. Whatever your personality and style is, you will find something accordingly. It's a brand that really provides great customer service. If you're ever in Leicester or are local, you have to check this place out. Besides shoes, there's coffee too and might I add they do the best coffee not to mention the tea and cakes. I've been here a few times before and the service is always great! 

Hareem x 

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