15 January 2016

Highcross Christmas Bloggers Event

Over Christmas time in December I was invited along to the Highcross Christmas bloggers event along with a few others bloggers too. It's always really great to see the other bloggers and have a catch up. We met up with Tristen from Frank PR who was so lovely and really great! We headed over to Bills for drinks (I've forgotten what I had but it was so good!) followed by a personal shopping experience at New Look and then a talk about the new Urban Decay products at Debenhams. Gotta say I was really excited about Urban Decay seeing as I am a massive fan of their products particularly the lipsticks and the setting sprays.

We were shown around New Look in Highcross which is one of my personal favourite places to shop from. It's much bigger and there is a lot more variety. We were shown what colours and tones are in for the season as well as the top sellers. A lot of different textures and prints as well. Loving the tartan and the fur particularly. I loved the reds and oranges. The red bag on display really caught my eye. A great statement piece.Their display last month by the way was gorgeous. If you're from Leicester you must have seen it. It was so Christmasy and wintery. Loved it. We were also shown the Menswear section in new Look which is actually really good. Some really great pieces with a very selective range all being great.

Next stop was Urban Decay where we were shown the New Vice Palette and how it came about. The colours are stunning and the packaging is gorgeous. I expected nothing less from Urban Decay. This new Vice palette is all about going back to the roots of Urban Decay and bringing that back. However what really really caught my eye was the Gwen Stefani Palette in collaboration with Urban Decay. One of the best collaborations in my option and oh my gosh it is beautiful. The colours and packaging which is unique and the overall look of it is interesting. A lot of neutrals but there is still that pop of colour to it so it's so very easy to create a day to night look with this. A very urban (hence Urban Decay) and rustic look to it that I think looks beautiful and something that defines Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani's signature look.

Such a great evening to be a part of and I am so glad I made it. Gotta say Highcross is really doing well! Everything you can ask for and more.

Hareem x


  1. Great post. I'm sad I didn't hear about this as I would have loved to have joined you. And here was me thinking the HighCross didn't do anything for bloggers.


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  3. I always love Highcross at Christmas, takes me back to being a kid & heading through the old Shires part of the shopping centre to Dominoes Toy Store.


  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time :-)

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful time :-)

  6. This sounds like a really fun time - I've loved visitng Highcross in the past, this has reminded me to make another visit
    Sheila R @CakeR

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