26 April 2015

Rio Rosa Mosqueta - Exfoliator and Serum Review

Hey Guys
Gonna start this off with a question. Is it just me or is really difficult to find an exfoliator that satisfies you? I do. It's just one of them things that I'm really very picky about. I've been using a new exfoliator recently followed by a serum by the same brand and so far it's been great. I've reviewed a few products by Rio Rosa Mosqueta before and was really happy with them and the skin brightening exfoliator and serum are no less. 
This is so lovely. It's the perfect mix of gentle and coarse. So it's great on my skin which is sensitive yet still having that exfoliate feel to it where you have that 'clean' feel about your skin. I use this to take of makeup as well and it does the job so well. It has ingredients such as rosehip seed oil, avocado, shea butter and golden bamboo. I am always a little skeptical towards products when they mention things like brightening but I could actually see my skin appearing brighter. Sometimes my skin needs a boost when it becomes really dull and since I've started using this it just looks a lot better as in it's no longer dull. It feels a lot softer and smoother and after moisturising makeup goes on flawlessly. I love that it has beads in it that are slightly on the coarse side yet still being gentle. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who feels their skin needs a boost and a lift. I am almost completely out of this now so will deffo be getting another! 

Along with the exfoliator, I've been applying the firming face serum as well every day. I prefer to use it once a day particularly at night. This contains ingredients such as rosehip oil, babassu, sacha inchi and white tea. It has a medium consistency similar to that of a standard mosituriser. It's another lovely product. I love this. It's gotten rid of the very very annoying dry patches under my eyes for which I am so thankful. Everytime I'd apply foundation or concealer it would just look terrible but at the moment my skin is great. It feels tighter and much firmer as well as looking much brighter. 

You can have a look at the other products here
Let me know what you guys think!

Hareem x

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  1. i'm the exact same with exfoliators, so picky!!
    The serum sounds really nice, i have some pesky dry bits too that drive me insane.x


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