19 January 2015

Fudge Dry Shampoo Review

Dry shampoo for some is an essential on the dressing table. I'm one of them for sure. It's really handy especially for someone who starts getting limp hair on day 2 after the wash. Sigh.
I don't use dry shampoo for only getting rid of oily hair but also to lift it from the roots. I have long hair so a lot of the times my hair can get really flat from my roots. I've used many dry shampoos and I kinda love trying different ones. I've been recently trying out a dry shampoo by Fudge, a brand which I really love. Their salt spray is one of the best I have used.
Fudge dry shampoo* - 'This waterless aerosol shampoo is on-the-go cleansing to remove excess oil for all kinds of hair'
This dry shampoo has two special ingredients - apricot kernel oil which smooths the hair and rice starch to absorb oil. I spray a fair amount of this into my roots and massage it in as you do. You don't actually need a lot but I sort of prefer to add extra cause my hair can be extra oily or flat. It does have a white residue like a lot of the other dry shampoos but you can easily brush that out. It makes your hair appear matte instantly and adds a lift and volume to your hair. It almost thickens your hair after massaging this in. Good to use if you want to make a high messy ponytail. The only thing I dislike about this is the scent. I can't exactly put my finger on what the actual scent is but it's quite strong. It's stays in your hair for a while and starts to fade away in a few hours which is good as I didn't quite like the smell. I also love the overall packaging. It doesn't affect the product but it's always nice to have something eye catching. 
Overall, this was a really great dry shampoo. I've used it up completely and may purchase it again (along with the Fudge salt spray!). The dry shampoo retails at £6.81 from Hairtrade.com which is UK's one of leading online retailer for hair extensionshair care and beauty products. 

Hareem x


  1. I dont know what I'd do without dry shampoo. Well, i do. I'd wear hats a lot more haha.

    The Crown Wings

    1. hahah but till then dry shampoo it is! xx

  2. I barely ever use dry shampoo, but I wash my hair every other day. It's one of my NY resolutions to wash my hair less, so I'll definitely have to invest in this product!



    1. I have to wash my hair every other day because if I don't it's a mess! Deffo invest in a dry shampoo. Works great! xx


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