15 January 2015


Hey guys,
Hope you all are doing great and a very very late happy new year to all!

The last time I posted was like all the way in October. A much needed break was needed because I have lots going on all at once. 

But during that I had a think that blogging recently has become so same. I know that same is not the best word to describe it haha. I'm just gonna get straight to the point. I feel like maybe I should write about how I feel even though many people won't really care but hey let's do it.

I feel as if recently it's just all about stats, how to increase traffic, PR samples, giveaways and followers as that's what I've been seeing. Yeah all those things are great. They really are but where is the originality gone to? My number one reason to start blogging years go was simply because I loved anything to do with beauty and thought to myself this is great. I love the interaction with followers. It's one of my favorite things about having a blog. Every comment makes me smile. People who love the same thing as you and get you. I mean who wouldn't love that right? I just feel that there is a lot of negativity around blogging at the moment as if it's a followers and stats competition. Which it was not like before. 

I didn't know what PR was at that time or the fact that you get samples and things. The first time I got a PR sample my exact thoughts were oh that's cool but I didn't forget why I started blogging. I still blog cause I love the beauty world and not because you get 'free stuff'. I have people that have literally asked that I want to start a blog can you help and I am all up for that. Of course I'll help but straight after that their second question is how do you get free stuff and how do you get paid through it? That's where it just makes me think is that why you want to do it
Sometimes I feel that there is a pressure to post and update regularly on other bloggers but to be honest you should blog when you feel like it. 

Then secondly is there like a stats competition going on? I'm just gonna leave that here. I want people to genuinely read my blog and not just follow because I have a giveaway up which makes me think is it even worth me updating this blog and I actually love and am very proud of. My heart is still in this and not for a second do I want to stop blogging but you know you get them thoughts. I sound so serious don't I? Like this is my baby?! Which I guess it is. I've worked hard on this blog and I love blogging. It's almost like a getaway.

You don't need a fancy camera or an amazing editing program all you need is a little bit of passion which will get you far in a lot of things in life.

But I had to kinda put this out here. Like a mini rant. I've actually had a few emails and tweets from some of my readers to update and the fact that they loved reading my blog which did put a smile on my face if you ask me! These are just my thoughts and no one has to agree with it at all but let me know if we share similar thoughts or even if not I'd love to hear from you!
Hareem x


  1. I've missed your post! I was a bit excited to see this post in my Bloglovin feed :)

    I have been back in the blogging world for about 7 months now and I'm glad I'm not caught up in the stats craze that you mentioned. I'm just happy to improve where I can and just try to be as patient as possible when it comes to followers. I want people to read my blog because they genuinely enjoy it... I'm enjoying it quite a bit and hope that it will stay that way.. I'm looking forward to improve so much on my photography this year :D


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