06 October 2014

ELF Cosmetics - Haul

This haul had to be posted about a month ago. Forever late. I thought I'd still get it up as all the items are still available. I hadn't ordered anything from Elf for a while so you know this happened.
The first thing that went straight into my basket were 2 of the ELF HD blushers. These always intrigued me and I gotta say these are SO pigmented. I got the colours encore and superstar. I might reviews these later on as well. I also got the ever so raved about HD powder which I've actually not used yet so I can't say much but I'll deffo review this very soon. Another blush I picked up was pink passion which is a very candy pink sort of a colour and is very well pigmented. I have to be careful with this when applying as you can go overboard with it. I've never used a lip plumper before so I decided that I'd try out ELF's plumping lip glaze. I'll let you guys know what I think about this as well. My favourite items that I got were the matte lip colours. I got two colours; praline and coral both of which are beautiful and these stay on for ages. I am deffo getting all the other colours as well! Review to follow on these beauties. And lastly I got some brushes. The stipple brush was a repurchase as my older one broke and I really liked it. I got the smaller stipple brush as well which is so lovely for blending concealer. And the last brush was their powder brush. Beautiful for buffing liquid foundation in because it's got a flat top. I am loving this brush. 

There is no doubt I'll be making another ELF order soon. *hides face*
But you can't go wrong as it's so affordable. 
Let me know what reviews you'd like first.
What's your favourite ELF product?

Hareem x 


  1. I absolutely love elf products and I am in desperate need to make another order online. I have one of the matte lip colours in tea rose and it is such a beautiful shade; definitely considering picking up that coral colour you bought. Really want to try the hd powder, would love to see you write a review on it:-) Lovely post <3 xxxx


  2. I love the elf matte lip colours! I have two atm, but definitely want to get more!


  3. Lovely haul! I'd love to try their HD powder as well as their stippling/face brushes!

  4. I love the elf blushes, they are so pigmented and they have some amazing shades!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  5. I love ELF brushes, especially eye brushes and the flat topped powder brush!

    Sophie x

  6. Dear Hareem, Have you announced the winner of UD giveaway? :)

  7. This looks great! I have never tried ELF Cosmetics. Absolutely dying to. Would love to see some reviews! X

  8. my fave is the blush/bronzer duo.. although, I also want to try the baked blushes as well.. they're $3, I mean really, can't go wrong with that :)


    1. P.S. I finally followed u on Bloglovin... dunno why I didn't a long time ago haha.. uhm... did u cancel your Twitter account?


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