11 October 2014

Accessorize Lipsticks

Hey guys,
This is another long overdue review. I can honestly say I am very much back into blogging and will be posting at least twice a week. Think I got the motivation back! Anywho, I have quite a few lipsticks by Accessorize. I've used them before and have reviewed them (like about a year ago?!). The packaging is now changed and I think so is the formula.
Firstly, how pretty do these look? The packaging before was blue I think and now its changed into an almost cardboard/box like finish if you know what I mean. I have four shades here in order from left to right; love struck (a pale pink), smitten (a coral based nude), besotted (a bright pink) and infatuated (a deep berry colour). Just another four added to the collection *hides face*. The formula of these lipsticks previously was matte and being a matte lipstick meant that it was also drying. I didn't mind that as I do expect that from all matte lipsticks and I quite liked them but I know a lot of people didn't. The formula of these now is quite soft and buttery. They literally glide on and the pigmentation and colour pay-off is beautiful. My favourite shade at the moment has to be infatuated which is stunning for autumn winter and is the most pigmented out of all four. My least favourite is smitten only because it doesn't really compliment my complexion and I find that it sits on top of your lips so best applied with a lip brush. I find it to be a little too nude for me but looks gorgeous on my friend. Lovestruck which is a pale pink looks gorgeous on. I thought it would be very pale but suits my skin tone well. These are all on sale at the moment for £1.50 (usually £4.99). I heard that the Accessorize makeup line might be getting discontinued so grab your bargain now! I have accumulated all the shades! If you love a red lip then head over heels maybe your colour which is another one the colours I've used. 

Let me know if you've tried these lippies :)
Hareem x


  1. All these shades really look lovely and em sure they gives fresh look to face...

  2. The packaging is incredible!


  3. Love the packaging, they look so cute! The shades are gorgeous too!
    xprincessjas | ♥


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