26 July 2014

Current Faves - July

I have not done a current favourites post in ages. It's about time! It was a little hard to pick a few things this month but I narrowed it down to 9. Yes nine. That's still far too much I think.
I really love the Maybelline Fit Me range and have repurchased the foundation and concealer countless times. I stopped using them both for a while but recently I've included it back into my routine and I've fallen in love with both the products again. What I love about the fit me range is the colour range. I have both pink and yellow undertones so finding a base is difficult but the foundation adjusts to my skin tone and the concealer has such lovely coverage without being cakey. Another concealer I am loving is my MAC pro long wear concealer. I'll have a full review on this soon for you guys but so far this is really nice. It has really great coverage and stays on for the whole day. 
Collections fast stroke eyeliner is one I purchased on a whim. I just simply needed a liquid liner and I just quickly picked this up and really like it. I love the finish of it and brush is quite nice as well as the consistency. Review coming soon. The Body Shop's super volume mascara has been my go to mascara for the past two months. It just does everything. Love it. And for eyeliner, I've been loving Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliner in black market which came in the Black Market eyeliner set. I'll review the set soon as well! It really does stay on for the whole day and is a really great black eyeliner to have without all the smudging. 
I don't think there has been a day where I've not picked up my mac blush in Harmony. I bought this about a month ago and I feel as if I'm addicted to it. It's like a blush+contour altogether for me. I really really love this. I am deffo going to be reviewing this very soon. Like the blush, I bought the Real Techniques setting brush and have used it to set under eye concealer everyday. It is so soft and I adore the small size of it which makes it perfect to set concealer. And lastly my good old Catrice lip glow lipstick which turns your lips into a natural pink colour. As you can see I've used a fair bit of it! So many people have asked me what lip colour I have on whenever I wear this. It's just so natural and beautiful. 

These are my current faves!
I'd love to know yours :)

Hareem x


  1. Great post. It's weird how we can get away with such varying shades on our face. The maybelline and MAC concealer look so different side by side!

  2. I really want to try the fit me foundations but they're all just too dark for me :( I must try the concealer though. My current one is super cake. Not cute :L.x

  3. Don't have mac harmony but love warm soul :)

  4. Lovely post, you have some amazing products. I love the look of Harmony blush! Just followed you on bloglovin :)
    xprincessjas | ♥

  5. Ooh I want that Real Techniques brush! It looks super cute :D Right now I'm using the contouring brush to set my concealer :) They're about the same aren't they?

    Arianne | http://ariannecruz07.blogspot.com

  6. This Real Techniques brush is nice, I have it on my wishlist for ages. :))

  7. Great post!
    Would love to try Catrice Lip Glow Lipstick.

  8. Nice Post! Love the concealer and will try the liner asap... All ur fav products are just amazing! xx

  9. I really love the Maybelline Fit Me foundation too! It's a great foundation for the price. I love it.. I have to try the concealer. I currently am addicted to Hard Candy glamoflauge because it really covers anything and is inexpensive.

  10. This is amazing! All my favorite makeup brands! Maybelline, MAC, .The Body Shop! I want to try the Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliner!

  11. I love fav posts! :)
    I love this real techniques brush!


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