27 June 2014

NYX Blush in Mocha

Hi guys
Remember my blusher obsession? It's still there and to be honest getting worst. 
I've always wanted to try blushers by NYX and fortunately there is a NYX stand at my local Next.
I picked up only one but I'll be going back for more!  
I picked up the colour 'Mocha'. The blush isn't actually a mocha colour (very deceiving haha) but a beautiful matte rosy pink colour. It's quite a deep rosy pink and I love that it's matte as that's my favourite finish. I love the quilted pattern that NYX blushers have. Really pretty I think! The texture of the blush is so smooth and soft. I really like the overall finish it gives. What I love about this is that it adds a really nice warm glow to your face without making your face look too pink. It has beautiful pigmentation; just the right amount and lasts a long time on your skin as well. What I do sometimes is apply this with a light hand right under my cheek bone where you'd contour usually to give it a sculpted look. Works really well like that. While applying it, it goes on very smoothly and gives a really beautiful finish. It's also quite a buildable product so you can add a few layers to add depth and intensify the shade. I am really loving this at the moment and I can't wait to get a few more. Taupe is one that's on my list which I've heard is great for contouring. 
Let me know of any NYX blushers I should get!
Have your tried Mocha? 

Hareem x


  1. It is such a great color for Asian skin tones!

  2. SOOOOOO pretty! I've owned this in the past but I gave it away to someone else who wanted it who couldn't get it! I totally need to buy this again!

  3. I really want to try one of these blushes! This one is so pretty :)


  4. That might be the first darker shade of blusher I've seen... Would have loved to see it on your cheeks!


  5. If you're a blush lover than you should definitely try the INGLOT blushes - SOOOO SMOOTH!! They are absolutely gorgeous and you're gonna love their shade range ;)


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