10 January 2014

Derma V10 - Tinted Eye Roll On

Derma V10 is a budget friendly brand that is available from Savers, Body Care, Home Bargains and Poundland. I have quite a few Derma V10 products which I so far like using. Concealers are a product I love testing out and trying new ones like liquid, cream and roll on ones. Derma V10's 2 in 1 tinted eye roll on retails at £1 and is one I am currently using!
I've used maybe 2 roll on concealers before and they've been okay but nothing special. I always find them to be a little too thin and runny. The Derma V10 tinted eye roll on contains extracts of caffeine and lemon which helps to reduce puffiness around the eye area and give you an 'awake' look. It claims to revive the skin around your eyes as well as helping you achieve a refreshing look. I am actually quite happy with the consistency of this. It is on the thinner side but it's not runny or very liquid. It gives a light coverage which is very sheer but it is buildable up to a certain level. If you have very dark, dark circles I wouldn't advise you to try this as it will not cover your dark circles due to it's light coverage. However if you have uneven skin tone or would like something light to be applied under your eyes or even on a few blemishes then this something you might like and is worth trying. I personally like this as I like sheer and light coverage to get that 'no makeup' makeup look. I use this under my eyes and on a few blemishes and blend it into my skin. It blends really evenly and I like the overall look. For anyone who is very very fair complexion wise, it may be a little bit on the orange side but on my complexion which is yellow and pink toned (yes, I have both unfortunately!) it works perfectly. It stays put for upto 4 hours when set with powder. My skin at the moment is more on the dry side so it works well for that. I am not too sure what it would be like when my skin is a lot more oily. Lastly, it does not break me out either which gets a big thumbs from me. As far as dark circles are concerned, they aren't completely gone but the puffiness around my eyes that I used to get in the morning certainly has! If you're looking into getting a roll on concealer then try this, especially as you can't go wrong for the price!

Have you tried Derma V10's tinted eye roll on?
Hareem x


  1. My god that is cheap! I'm obsessed with the L'Oreal Revitalift CC Eye Roll On :)

    annie | www.raspberphobia.com

  2. This sounds really good and I love how cheap DermaV10 is. I'm a massive fan of their mascaras.x


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