06 November 2013

W7 - Lipstick in Scarlet Fever

A while back I blogged about my Leicester bloggers meetup goody bag and one of the item in their was a lipstick. Yep. Another one that goes in my box of lipsticks. But it's all justified as I have never really tried a lipstick by W7. Scarlet Fever* is a new addition. Also, excuse the very crap lighting in the images and how the lipstick is a little messed up because I couldn't shut it properly.
The lipstick comes in a silver packaging with a transparent lid. It has W7 embossed on the lipstick itself which is a great touch. Scarlet Fever is a stunning bright blue toned red. The colour is not the most winter associated shade but that's just a trend and it's up to you what colour you wear. I'd say this is a classic red. It's vivid and vibrant and the pigmentation is amazing. I think in one swipe you get an amazing wash of colour. The colour is just lovely. The name fits perfectly and the formula of the lipstick is absolutely beautiful. I found this to be quite a moisturizing lipstick. It doesn't dry my lips at all and just adds that lovely shine to it without being too much. It's so creamy and soft which means it's a dream to apply. Literally glides on. As you can tell, I am pretty happy about the formula! I am also pretty happy that it's a red that suits me. Only thing I'd say is because it's a creamy lipstick, make sure to use a lip liner before to avoid any of the product moving about. It also leaves a stain once it starts to fade away which I personally love when lipsticks do that. This is stunning; colour plus the formula. I know for sure that I'll be trying out some more of these soon. They have a whole collection called 'the reds'. I am there. 

Have you tried any W7 lipsticks?
Hareem x


  1. It looks like a gorgeous shade! Really creamy too. Does it last long on the lips? x

  2. Definitely love the shade! I will really purchase one :) The color is indeed very lovely.


  3. Oh my god the swatch is gorgeous, love it! Wish I can get my hands on it


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