06 October 2013

Sunday's Post - Carboot Bargains

I love finding bargains. A lot. Everytime I get something for way cheaper than what the thing is actually for I am pretty satisfied. When summer comes around in the UK it also means carboot sales come too which is something I personally get very very excited about! This year however I didn't actually go a lot. I did go today and tweeted about it and some of you lovely people asked if I was doing a blog post on it. I never thought this would be something everyone would be interested in so I never did one but hey. Here I am writing this up! I am quite tired at the moment as I woke up at 6 am to go to carboot! Hope you like this post! I actually found lots of great things today. Everytime I go, I go with a certain amount of money and try to get everything in that.
Barry M nail polishes - Used once - 20p each 
Maybelline dream touch blush - Brand new/sealed 30p
Natural collection blush in peach melba - Brand new - 10p (the marks are made by me!)
MAC Pretty Please - used once - £1 (I actually took a bit off to clean it up!) 
The lady said she bought it a month back!
Toni and Guy Sea Salt Spray - brand new - 50p
Hair clips - 20p each
Purple Ring - 50p - Leaf Ring - 30p
Bracelet - 50p
Clear vase - 50p I got this to put my makeup brushes in.
Crystal bowl - £1 To put my perfumes in.
Nicky Clarke frizz control blow dry styler set
Brand New - £3 - So excited to try this as I had my eye on it and I found it today! 
I think these are a pair of straighteners from Tesco's - Brand New - £2 Works so good! 
Okay so, you might be thinking why I'd get books that I read in school? Well, I am a bit crazy about books. I love buying them reading them and collecting them. I found a few I read when I was in school and these were my absolute favorites so I thought I'd get them! Yes. I am a crazy book collector. What can I do? 
Books - various prices - All 50p and under. Also, some I got for my younger sister! 
And when it comes to books, I like to collect different fairy tale versions of books. Do I sound like a crazy old lady yet? I love finding various old or new copies of fairy tale books because I love them really! 
I got these two for 50p each.
I actually found things like Elemis and Bodhi too but never got them as they were very old! I do ask if they're really old or not because what's the point of getting something when you'll never use it right?! 

Carboot is the ultimate Sunday fun-day for me! 
Do you go to carboot?! 
Hareem x


  1. I never knew that you could get make up and stuff like that at car boots! I may have to go and find a local one now haha :p

    Amie xx

  2. Oh wow, some lovely purchases. Love the nail polishes, both look absolutely gorgeous.
    I definitely recommend that you read the Sarah Dessen Along for the Ride asap! I loved it.


  3. Wow looks like you had a good day at the car boot! So many beauty things! :)

    www.gingerbreadsmiles.blogspot.co.uk x

  4. Not been carboot-ing in years, but have fond memories of going every Sunday with my mum and brother.
    Looks like you got a lot of great bargains :)


  5. Woah such a good car boot loot!! This has made me excited to go carbooting when i get back to the UK. I love the excitement of getting up so early and beating the crowds...well...the dinnertime crowds! X

  6. Wow these bargains are so good! Shocked by the MAC lipstick and the nail polishes!
    alicekatex ♥

  7. A MAC lipstick for only a pound?!? now that's what I call a brilliant bargain!
    I'm the same I absolutely love buying stuff that's money off ^_^
    The Blushing Giraffe| The Blog Loving xxx

  8. You got some great bargains there! I've never really looked at carboot sales for makeup stuff but I will now!

  9. As if that woman sold you a mac lipstick for £1.. shes mental but you're so lucky. I love a carboot sale, but i haven't been to any in a while x


  10. Wow, amazing finds! Which carboot did you go to? I never find anything this good when I go haha.

    Naomi x

    1. I went to the one thats held in croft :) xx

  11. great bargains a Mac lipstick for £1 :)

  12. UK carboots are always so much better than Irish ones ): ours always end up being flooded with market type stuff and their idea of a bargain isn't the same as mine :L so jealous you got that Barry M nail polish for 20p!! I've wanted that sparkly one for ages. You picked up so many of my favorite books. Sarah Dessen is fab.x

  13. WOW crazy bargains. I love the purple ring and obvs the MAC lippy :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  14. Wow great finds I never find anything when I go the carboot.


  15. Wow!!! You found some bargains.... A MAC lipstick?! That's crazy xxx

  16. Now that's a haul! Love it! And can't believe the prices, wow, what a bargain indeed! Wish we had something like that in my country. Loved the post, and the mac lipstick, I have that shade, one of my favourite

  17. Omg you really did get some bargains!! Which car boot do you go to out of interest? :) xxx

    EmmaBelleFashion | Twitter

  18. I love carboot sales! It looks like you got a lot of bargains! :)


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