05 October 2013

All Black for Winter

Black clothing is my thing when autumn starts. I love wearing all black and as much as some people may completely dislike that I think it's looks so good and, as they say, 'chic'. With black clothing I like to add different textures and fabrics. That's the textile designer talking in me. It adds so much more and having different fabrics and textures when it comes it all black actually makes each piece stand out. Black lace and crochet is also something I really adore and love. It's quite a classy element to an outfit. I think these two dresses in the image above are from Topshop and River Island. And the cosy looking cardigan is from my new favorite place, Oasis. I wish I had that now so I can wear it and never take it off. It looks so warm and so winter appropriate! Sometimes when I wear all black I do add some jewellery or a bag that has a touch of black but also some gold or either silver hardware to it. Summer equals me wearing brights and pastels but winter equals me wearing all black. When I have a really hard time deciding what to wear I just put on black clothing because you really can't go wrong. 

Do you love all black clothing?
What are your go to colours for winter? 
Hareem x


  1. I love wearing black in the winter! Skater skirts are definitely my thing - black skirt with a dark blouse tucked in, black blazer with black tights & boots. Lush!

    EmmaBelleFashion | Twitter

  2. I love wearing black! Monochrome is my favourite ^_^
    Colours are great as an accent piece too.

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

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  3. Those lace dresses are seriously gorgeous - I love lace! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. Oh that bag is divine - round bags are such a nice change sometimes! I'm from Sydney so we're going into summer at the moment which is gorgeous, but I am missing black though! Somehow it just doesn't look quite as good when it's sunny,

    much love, greta


  5. I live in black all year round, over half of my wardrobe is some sort of black!



  6. Gorgeous choices! I think the black cardigan is my favourite, it'd look great for winter time :)

    The Little Antlers
    Illustration portfolio

  7. i love wearing black it makes me feel slim and more elegant!

  8. Amazing Choices..black is perfect..my fav. color...:)


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