10 September 2013

Anukis Organic Scrubs

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If you remember, a few months back I talked about the Anukis coconut and lemongrass sugar scrub which I was quite impressed with. Anukis does a lot of scrubs which are all hand made and all natural. Doesn't get better than than. Oh wait, they also smell gorgeous. I thought I'd feature and share some more Anukis scrubs with you all. I think these are all sample sizes but you can of course order the full sizes from the site.

PS - In the image I wrote 'sugar scrub' these are actually dead sea salt scrubs!

The minute I read that I knew that it has to smell amazing and I was right. The scent to this is beautiful. So fruity but not the sickening kind. I can smell this all day. The texture of this really gritty which I like in body scrubs or scrubs in general. This contains dead sea salt, grapeseed oil, cranberry and pomegranate extracts.This one is my favorite out of all three as it leaves my skin really smooth. Adds a subtle radiance too!

Ingredients - Organic grapeseed oil, organic dead sea salts, seaweed extract, kelp extract, cranberry and pomegranate fruit extract.
This is a smoothie scrub which means it's a lot more gentle and great for sensitive skin. You can also use it on your face because if how smooth and gentle it is. It has a really thin consistency and the exfoliating beads, I guess, are really very gentle n the skin. I really like using this on my face at times as it leaves my skin super duper soft not to mention how lovely it smells! 
This scrub is rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and E, minerals and proteins. When you use it it gives a really refreshing and calming feel because of the lavender and mint. It's also quite a cooling scrub which is because of mint. I would think that it would have a very strong scent to it as there is mint extracts but it's really very subtle and refreshing. This is actually really great for dry, itchy and overheated skin as I read on the Anukis site. Also this is very gritty in texture as well and after washing it off it leaves my skin really mositurised.

Ingredients - Sun-dried Dead Sea salts, essential oils (lavender & mint), carrier oil (sweet almond).

Sample pots are for £1.20 each and are a great way to test these out if you're interested! 
These are all natural and organic which is something I really like and I know a lot of people love as well.
What do you think about these?
Hareem x


  1. ooooooh these sound gorgeous! I love the sound of the almond, lavender and mint and the cranberry and pomegranet! Lovely!

    Kimberley x


  2. would love to smell them :) All of them look amazing :)

  3. These look so cute and sound yum!

  4. These sound wonderful! I would love to try them out too! I love that they smell so amazing, makes them even better!


  5. They look sooo yummy! Pomegranate, I'd love a pomegranate scrub!

  6. These sound amazing! I love how they don't have that many ingredients! Products with more than 10 ingredients give me doubts sometimes haha :)



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