29 August 2013

Style Crush - Lily Collins

I haven't done a style crush post in ages!
I'm a Lily Collins fan. Is she not just gorgeous?! Yesterday, I actually went to watch Mortal Instruments which was so good. I really enjoyed it! I already can't wait for the second one!
I actually love Lily Collins way before Mortal Instruments came out. She looks amazing where ever she goes. I was looking at the Vanity fair party pictures a while back and fell in love with her dress as well as the recent Mortal Instruments premier looks.
I also love her eyebrows. Yes I do. Don't they make her look young and fresh and give here an innocent look?  She sometimes reminds me of Nina Dobrev. Like her younger sister kinda thing?
These last two dresses she's sporting are to die for. I wish I had them! Plus she pulls them of so well and looks stunning. And I also love her makeup and styling. So all in all I basically love her. 

Are you a Lily Collins fan?
Hareem x


  1. She is just so beautiful, very classically pretty with serious wardrobe to die for. Plus I am in love with her eyebrows haha.

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. LOVE her! the film is amazing too. I went to watch it on Tuesday and loved it! xxx

  3. ugh i love lily. ever since her days as a host on the 'Nick' red carpet. city of bones was perfect.

  4. she's gorgeous! love your blog!

    would you like to follow each other?


  5. She is SOOO gorgeous head to toe, and I also love the way she dresses
    Her brows though o.O <3333333


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