05 August 2013

Sanctuary Spa Haul

I feel like Sanctuary Spa is a brand that you don't hear lots about as you don't see lots of reviews or anything but I am gonna fix that! I really love this brand and I've literally just noticed that alot of my skincare now consists of products by Sanctuary Spa. About 2 weeks ago I put in a 'little' order of some products that I've been wanting to try out. Their delivery is seriously so good. I ordered on Saturday night and got it Monday morning.
I already have their salt scrub which is such a gorgeous product! I love it alot! So I think it was fair that I decided to try their hot sugar scrub out too. This will be perfect for the colder days as it's a thermal scrub. 
The thermal detox mask has been on my list for a while and I've already used this a few times. So far I am loving it but I will review this in depth. I also got two products that I wanted for a while. One is the 4 day moisture body oil spray and the other is their body moisture spray. I guess they both do similar things but I wanted to give them both a try and all I can say is that these are made for me. I am so lazy when it comes to moisturising. This has made my life 100 times easier! 
I've been on the hunt for an eye cream for a while. I read good reviews on their site about the their lift and brighten eye cream and thought I'd try this. I am not a fan of toners but I saw their pore refining toner on someones blog and they really loved it. I opted for the travel size version instead of the full size as I wanted to see if I got along with it. I love that Sanctuary Spa has so many travel size options! 

I'll review all the products in the future. I am yet to blog about their cleansing oil, facial oil and the hot cloth cleanser but it's all coming soon! 

Have you tried any thing from Sanctuary Spa?
Hareem x


  1. Whoa! awesome hail here! That is some fast shipping!

    I have never tried their products, but I have heard good things! I like that they have so many smaller sized products too! Can't wait to see your reviews!

  2. I've never heard of this brand but they have such an impressive range of products. The hot sugar scrub sounds very interesting!

  3. I definitely get what you mean about this brand. You don't really see a lot of reviews on it. I know I always see it in 'Boots' but have actually never purchased anything. The mask looks like something I'd really enjoy, can't wait for a review on that.x

  4. Aaaaahh awesome haul! I really like Sanctuary products. I've tried the detoxifying face mask and I lololove it! You really made me want to try more of their stuff. Thanks for sharing! xx


  5. I really love Sanctuary's body moisture spray! Was a life saver to use as after sun!


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