27 June 2013

The Vintage Cosmetic Company - Makeup Brushes

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When I started blogging, I had like 5 makeup brushes. I really loved those 5 brushes and I still use them at times. But since the beginning of blogging till now I seem to have accumulated quite a 'few'. There are alot actually. And new to my dressing table and brush holder (which I need a new one) are these lovely 6 new brushes* by The Vintage Cosmetic Company. You may have heard of them because of the great reviews of their eyelash curler which I would love to try at some point! I was recently picked as one of the bloggers to review their Boots range and first up are the makeup brushes. I am really sorry of the images a little too many but I wanted you guys to have a good look and some closeups too!
These 6 brushes contain 4 face brushes and 1 for your eyebrow/eyelashes. When I first got these, I was like really excited about the packaging. I think good packaging is always a bonus! It has a beautiful vintage floral theme running with guidelines and what the brush is on the back. These are safely packed in the plastic packaging which is very sturdy. The handles are white; something different to your normal black handles which also states the brush name. 
The Bronzing Brush (£17)- This brush is made from natural hair and is so, so soft. You can probably stroke it on your face the whole day. That soft. The brush is great for bronzer or even powder. I don't use alot of bronzer but I did test it with it as well as powder. The size of it is quite large as it's a really dense brush and the domed shape to it gives great control and precision. The only thing that I am concerned about is the price.
The Blusher Brush (£14) - This is great blusher brush when it comes to size. It picks up the right amount of product and is also very very soft. Blends the colours really nicely too! This is also made out of natural hair. 
The Foundation Brush (£14) - This is a mix of synthetic and natural hair. I used to use a foundation brush before the buffing brushes were introduced to me. I really like finish this particular one gives. Foundation looks even and flawless. It also doesn't leave any streaks on your face which I have noticed certain flat foundation brushes can. Also quite soft! I've been using this alot lately!
The Powder Brush (£16) - This is a mix of synthetic and natural hair as well. It looks the same as a stippling brush. It's a duo fiber brush which I use for applying powder. I think majority of us use a duo fiber brush for foundation as well but I haven't tried that with this one. However it does a great job at applying powder as it distributes it quite evenly. There was a little shedding at first which stopped but I experience that with almost every stippling brush I have used. 
The Concealer Brush (£7) - This brush is made from synthetic hair and is so good! In my opinion this is what a concealer brush should look like. I think the size of it is perfect. It's got a fine tip which is really great for blending out concealer. I found it to particularly great for blending concealer in your under eyes ares to cover any dark circles and to cover spots and blemishes. I think this is all because of how the bristles are packed together and the pointed shape. 
The Brow and Lash Brush (£8)  - Made from synthetic hair, this is a helpful little thing. I have one other brow and lash brush but always found it to be a bit 'meh'. I like this one because it's fairly large and you have more control. I mostly just use the eyebrow brush part which has quite stiff bristles to shape my brows after filling them in. 

Overall, these are really lovely brushes. I love how they apply makeup. The quality is really great. I experienced slight initial shedding from the powder brush only. One thing I will point out is that all brushes are hand dyed so some colour may run. I washed all of them and none of them shed after washing. The color that did run a little was the powder/stippling brush but it doesn't transfer if you're worrying about that.

Have you tried any brushes from The Vintage Cosmetic Company?
What do you think about these?
All brushes are available from Boots.  
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  1. Ooh those brushes look great, although a little on the pricey side for me. I love the lashes the cosmetic company do :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. These brushes look amazing :) Especially the powder brush! xxx

  3. I saw these I think in Boots I liked the stippling brush but thought was too expensive :)

  4. I love how the handles are cream! Bit pricey but they look great.

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. These look beautiful, there is something super pretty about them!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  6. Ooh haven't heard of these. I have had brush overload recently due to IMATS!

  7. These brushes look so good , love their packaging

  8. These brushes look really good!


  9. These brushes look so gorgeous; so soft :)

  10. They look really pretty! I love that their white and the packaging is so cute.
    Great review :)

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