24 June 2013

Anukis - Organic Sugar Scrub in Coconut and Lemongrass

Hey guys,
Do you remember my post on Baobella? Well, if you do, you'd know I posted a picture of the goody bag they sent me a long while back which was really nice of them. I am just getting through the products in their. I reviewed the Stargazer palette and the Kleenex blotting sheets were featured in my 'what's in my makeup bag' post, which btw are really great! I use them all the time!
One other 'very useful' product in their was the Anukis organic sugar scrub. I have never heard of this brand before but coconut and lemon grass sounded really nice and I always love trying new products out!
I think this is a sample size as it's 15 ml. It's made with organic brown sugar, organic grape seed oil, coconut oil and lemongrass extract. I have never used a product that contains lemongrass in it. It's 'flavour/scent' is coconut and lemongrass which smells lovely; not your typical sweet scent but I quite like it especially because it lingers on. The first time I ever used this was on my lips as a lip scrub and it tastes nice. I didn't really eat it guys. It's very sweet because it is a sugar scrub (obviously). After cleaning it off, it left my lips moisturised and nourished as well as removing any dryness that I had. After that I used it on my arms and legs as well which also left my skin moisturised and soft. It really smooths your skin out which is what we all want! You really don't need a lot of it either. A small amount would do. My only concern is that it leaves a very slight oily residue onto your skin after cleaning it with water but I found that patting my skin dry actually reduces that alot. I guess that is what's making my skin moisturized? But overall, it's a lovely product. I like that it's organic as well meaning there is nothing harmful in it either. A possible repurchase I think as the fact it's organic has really impressed me and the way it's worked too. 

Have you tried the Anukis sugar scrub?
Hareem x


  1. The ingredients used in the scrub are really nice , i wish we could get get here . My skin is a bit flaky now :(

    1. Hi Faiza, where do you live? Anu (Anukis team)X

  2. Hey Hareem, thanks a lot for the great review! I am one of the Anukis team and like to say something about the oil residue left on your skin after using this scrub. You have to see it like using a body oil: only that the scrub is doing that for you already while showering! :) After you've pad your skin dry you can gently massage any oil left in. Works best if you leave your skin slightly moist which also allows the oil to sink in better. I for example actually add and massage even afterwards some body oil extra on some body parts, like knies, elbows & shoulders. That leaves you baby smooth for quite a time! But I like oily skin anyway, so that's a question of taste I guess :)If you are interested in testing some other Anukis products let me know. Anu X


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