11 October 2012

Help me? Can't upload images.

Hey guys,
So basically I need help.
I've been trying to upload images since I blogged about the baroque fashion trend and it just wont happen.
It keeps telling me that the drive on Picassa is full. So I asked on twitter and Tereza from Cityscape Bliss helped alot. I uploaded the images on Picassa, the actual website and then copied the URL and added them on to blogger. But after like an hour or so I cant see them :/ and I have no more memory on there!
I just posted my beauty haul and a couple of people tweeted to me saying that they cant see any images. So I had to take that down.
I need help.
If this has happened to you can you tweet to me (@iheartmexoxo) it just comment and let me know how I can sort this out. Please.

Hareem x


  1. I used Photobucket for all my pictures. It's free to use and there's now unlimited space on it for pictures.

    When i'm adding them I just go to the picture icon on Blogger, click on "add from URL" on the left, then I go to my picture on Photobucket, underneath it you'll see "direct link" so just click that and it should copy automatically. Head back to Blogger and paste it into the white box.

    Sorry if i've just explained something really simple to you. But try Photobucket :) hopefully that should work for you.


    1. thankyou! thats working great :) really appreciate the help :) xx

  2. View your picassa account that's linked to your blog (it'll be the one that's linked to the email address linked to Blogger) and delete all images that you don't need, it'll free up the space. Or you could buy more storage on Picassa.

    1. That was the first thing I did, I deleted all the unwanted images :)xx

  3. Hey, this had happened to me too. I had to pay $10 I think for more storage space. Also do what Iram up there suggested. Log into Picasa Web and you could delete some photos.

    Do tweet me if you need any more info :) Good luck!


  4. Yea use Photobucket! I use it for some pictures instead of Picasa.

    1. I am gonna be using that now! alot of people tweeted me to use it :) xx


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