12 October 2012

Beauty Haul!

Hey guys!

Okay so I'm posting this again because the first time there were issues with the images. As you know I have been trying to upload these images since ages! (as you can tell from the previous post) 
alot of you guys helped me so thankyou very much! :D I am still paranoid that you won't be able to see the images -_- please tell me if you can! 

Anyways, I went shopping with my mum recently and she treated me to some beauty products! 
I picked up Two Maybelline Colour Sensational lipsticks in Hollywood Red and Blissful Brown, both that I love and have already started to use them. I also got the MUA brow kit because I love defining my brows! And I really like to try out MUA products because its very affordable. Excited to use that! I got a felt tip eyeliner pen too and its a brand that I've never used. I love eyeliners and I never have luck with the felt tip ones so we'll see how this one goes. Never giving up! hahah

I also got five glitter polishes! 
These look really pretty and they were all £1 each. I have no idea what the other brands are besides Technic. I've been wanting some chunky glitter polishes for a while, and even though I'm not a nail polish person I do love glitter polishes. My sister loves nail polishes so she can use these too :)
I also got a Maxfactor flipstick which is in Folky Pink. It's such a beautiful colour. 
I love Maxfactor products alot, so my mum also bought me 2 duo smoky effect eyeshadows in purple dust and onyx smoke. These are really nice colours as well and compliment my eyes too, so I'll will using these very soon. I'll be reviewing the products quite soon. I have so many things to review! I'm being lazy nowadays and not getting to it but I don't want rush my posts or anything like that. But do not worry, reviews are coming soon :) 

Have you guys tried any of the above products?
Hareem x


  1. Those glitter polishes look amazing!!! I'd be so tempted (lkike the bigt kid I am) to put one colour on each nail haha!


  2. Photos worked perfectly :) Those Max Factor smoky eye effect eyeshadows looks amazing!


  3. Yay for hauls! I saw that max factor lipstick in alot of ads in magazines, it looks fun! Tell us how you like it! I also heard alot about the eyeshadows :D


  4. Yaaay photos are back!!:) I love the glitter polishes, they so puuurrrdy! & the MF pencils, can't wait for reviews, I wanna see how they work:)x

  5. Them glitter polishes look amazing!! Xx

  6. Wow, you went crazy on the glitter nail polishes, girl! Haha lovely haul! Can't wait to see the reviews of all the products. I've been curious about the max factor smokey eye pencils for so long, but I just didn't buy them. Don't know why. Wonder how they are!


  7. The glitter polishes look great, I have an obsession for them at the moment, I am also thinking of getting the MUA brow kit, look forward to the review xxxx

  8. Girl those nail polishes look sooo good! Love em

  9. I'm in love with all the nail polish colours you picked up! They look so beautiful. xo

  10. Oooh those polishes look gorgoeus!

  11. the pink bys nail polish looks ahmazing!

  12. Great haul! I must get the technic blue glitter, and i can't get my hands on the MUA brow kit, lucky ;)


  13. I looove the covergirl's lipstick! They are between my faves!! Thanks for sharing your link via twitter, I hope you check and like my blog too! Love the baroque inspired post by the way. Every piece is so unique, and elegant. You have great taste! :)


    MayT Essentials

  14. Ohhh what a gorgeous polishes!:)x

  15. Wow, I love all of those nail polishes!

    <3 Melissa


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