09 October 2012

Trend I'm loving - Baroque

I am absolutely loving the Baroque trend at the moment! It's such a prominent trend at the moment but another reason why this particular trend really attracted me was because I've always loved the Baroque period. 
So, the Baroque was a period of artistic style that I think started in the 1600, in Rome, Italy but later started to spread to most of Europe. This style used quite exaggerated motion and quite clear and easily interpreted detail that produced drama and tension. Baroque was found in sculptures, paintings, architecture, but mostly it was an architectural movement. Alot of this style was popular by the Roman Catholic Churches and could also be found in palaces and courts to express power. 

When I saw the Dolce and Gabbana A/W fashion show in which they featured Baroque inspired pieces earlier this year, I immediately fell in love with it and all the black and gold dresses. Dolce and Gabbana has to be one of my favorite designers. Throughout my art projects in college, I always took inspiration from their designs and still do. I loved everything about this collection. The jewellery and head pieces were beautiful, every dress was gorgeous and the models were amazing, all looking immaculate. It looked very opulent, modern and extravagant. As soon as the first model came, I could see the Baroque inspiration. It was all very structural (Baroque architecture inspired), very detailed, looking quite ornate and the styling topped it off. It literally looked like that you were taken away in the past because it did give of that Sicilian vibe. I can say a million more thing about this collection but I think I should stop! haha

Besides Dolce and Gabbana, Balmain also created a collection that showed the Baroque influence. The difference between the two that I though was, that Balmain presented cool tones such as white, baby blues and slivers but also darker colours while Dolce and Gabbana showed much warmer tones such and golds.
But they both had alot of embellishment. and detail to it. Balmain presented Baroque in a very structured way as well, with dresses fully covered in embellishment, alot of them looking almost like an armour. This had a much more of a modern touch to it rather then being too feminine or too elegant like the Dolce and Gabbana collection.

I went over to Newlook and found some Baroque inspired pieces and put together a little collage for you guys. I am loving that first gold/bronze dress! I think it sometimes can be hard to style something like this but you just need to add some plain or neutral pieces with it. Like with the first dress just add some plain leggings and keep it simple with accessories. I also love the Baroque print leggings which you can wear with a very simple and plain top yet still look on trend.
I also found this gold sequin dress, which is Baroque inspired over at ASOS and I love this dress! On the right is a gold jacket that to me literally looks like you melted gold on it! haha
Besides that I though I should also add some cool tones like Balmain, and found some silver and grey baroque inspired dresses. I quite like both of them and I think the grey and silver tones to it makes the dresses look much toned down and easily wearable.

I wanted add some Baroque inspired jewellery as well as that's quite a trend too. The first necklace and the gold and black earrings (my favorite) are from ASOS that really represent what Baroque is about as they're quite chunky and very detailed. The rest of the pieces are from Accessorize and also fit perfectly with this trend.

I hope you liked this post of mine! I loved putting this together!
What is your favorite trend at the moment?
Hareem x

PS- Would you like me to do a post on Autumn/Winter 2012 makeup trends?


  1. I love all the black and gold through out the Baroque looks! They look so elegant!

    That's so Fletch

    xo, Jay

  2. Loved the D&G AW12 show but I think I loved the Balmain baroque the best - I like all the white used, and they are so architectural! You can imagine the jumpers are photos of cathedral ceilings and great murals etc. Beautiful!
    Love the high street's take on this trend, but I must say I haven't actually seen that much of this on the high street!



  3. Also loving this trend right now!! Haven't brought any thing yet but will definitely have to invest in a key piece on my next shopping spree, perhaps a clutch bag!!

    Would love it if you entered my jewellery giveaway

  4. I love this trend. I also like geometric chunky knits and leather! Swoon!


  5. Love the D&G pieces, I wish I could afford them! It's like art! I do plan on buying more baroque items and it's probably one of my favourite trends of this season! This was a great post Hareem, I enjoyed reading! xx

  6. I love this trend, D&G have some amazing pieces, I am on the look out for a few pieces now xxx


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