02 September 2012

JĀSÖN shampoo and conditioner

So as you can probably tell this is another review of some products by JĀSÖN, a brand that I recently discovered and am in love with. I did some other reviews of products by JĀSÖN which you can read here and here.

So JĀSÖN natural care is a brand that has quickly become my favourite. I really like the effect it has and how effective the products are. The Jason Long and strong Jojoba shampoo and conditioner is no less. This is such a great shampoo and I absolutely love it. I like products that contain jojoba in it as it's very natural and very effective too.

Long & Strong Jojoba Shampoo (RRP £6.29) 480 ml

This shampoo is designed for those who want healthy hair growth and it's enriched with natural jojoba, grapefruit, vitamin B5 and wheat protein. This is a great shampoo for those who feel that they have weakened hair or hair that won't grow as it strengths the hair and makes them stronger. It's a really gentle shampoo that cleanses your hair without all the chemicals in it. I've really noticed a difference between this, an all natural shampoo and my previous one which did have chemicals in it. This has really strengthened my hair. I am very serious! Remember how I said before that my hair is really damaged at the moment because of all the styling etc, well no more damaged hair! I have no more breakage and no more dry ends. Because it has jojoba oil in it , it replenishes any lost moisture and other ingredients such as grapefruit extracts promote healthy hair growth. Vitamin B5 strengthens the  hair which then helps to  prevent any  breakage and split ends. Wheat protein improves elasticity. After one wash my hair feel almost 'squeaky clean' but still having that moisture present.  My hair is very oily meaning I usually use to wash it every other day but now  my hair is completely oil free for upto 3-4 days! It's really great! The natural fragrance it has of jojoba is really nice too and that scent stays in your hair till like 4 days! 

Long & Strong Jojoba Conditioner (RRP £6.29) 480 ml

This conditioner has the same ingredients as the shampoo and is a great combination with it. It helps de-tangle any knots that people with long hair may have and makes the hair feel smooth and soft. It also helps to manage washed hair without drying them out. Because of jojoba oil in it, just like the shampoo, it brings back all the lost moisture. It adds volume and body to your hair making it appear fuller. Just how I like it ! My  hair can be really frizzy too so its worked great in that sense as well. No more frizz and the fragrance stays for a long time as well.

I love these two products and it really is something that I would buy again and again. Really recommend you guys to have a browse and see what type of shampoo might be for you as they a something for everyone! It's a great range and the size of the bottles is huge! It will last you for a long time.

Have you tried Jason products? 

What do you guys think?

Hareem x

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  1. Nice review, I like the idea of the fruity ingredients. Congrats on the 300 x

    1. thankyou :)
      yea the ingredients really appealed to me too xx

  2. This looks like a brill product, I'll definitely be giving this a go! Love your blog :) Really well written :) x

    1. thankyou so much <3 :)
      they have great products! the shampoo range is great so something for all :) xx

  3. i reaaaaaally need to try this, my hair so is damaged but gets oily so quickly- i have to wash my hair everyday! xx

    1. i had to wash my like every other day but somehow this stop my hair from getting oily! i love this! i've put all my dry shampoos aside! haha xx

  4. nice review!

    you have such a lovely blog by the way, definitely following!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. i'll be hosting a giveaway to win a MAC lipstick and an entire models own collection in my next post, so please stop by for that!


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