03 September 2012

Five Favorite Blushers

Hello! :D
Do I sound excited? It's because I am!
This has to be one my favourite posts to share with you all because, well it's about blushers and blusher is something that I LOVE. It's like an addiction now. It's bad. I love how just using blusher, your face lits up, looks glowy and just has more colour to it.
So here are my top five or my five most reached for blushers. Considering my skintone, peaches and corals suit me more but I also love pinks. I love deeper shades of blusher too as it can also contour your face in a way.

Flushed by Sleek is a blush that when I first saw I thought would look terrible on me even though it looks so pretty. I say this because its very dark. But I was wrong. I would say that I use this the most out of all of my blushers. It a gorgeous deep berry colour and is very pigmented so just one sweep is enough. I use it just under my cheek bones as suppose to on the apples of my cheeks just because I feel it looks better there and adds structure. It great for contouring your cheek bones. I did a full post on this here if you wish to see.

Candid Coral was an instant buy after I saw it being featured on Kaushal's blog, beautyfulfilled. I love peaches and corals and this really appealed to me. It s a gorgeous coral/peach colour with gold shimmer in it. Just like the previous blusher, I use this in a side sweeped motion so that it adds depth and it works! I love the colour and I think that it will look amazing on anyone. For the price its amazing, the colour payoff is great too and it lasts on your skin. Who doesn't love coral?

Sugar Plum by Natural Collection retails for £1.99 and is lovely. I really like the natural collection blushers. Their pigmentation is always great and quality wise they're really nice too and budget friendly. Sugar plum is a very warm colour that almost reminds me of a nude plum? It's very hard to describe it!  but its the perfect colour for autumn. This is completely matte which I like as it looks a lot more natural in my opinion. On my complexion it's very deep so its warms up my complexion. When I bought it I could't stop using it. I just recently bought pink cloud which is really lovely and I think my next will be Peach Melba as I've heard a lot about it!.

Berry by Palladio is a baked blush that is beautiful. Its a really pretty pale peach, very soft, entering the pink zone. It has gold shimmer in it which I really like as that highlights your cheek bones really well. The texture is really silky and powdery so it's really easy to work with and blends really good too. It lasts for a good 6-7 hours. Its' a herbal baked blush which is even better for my skin. It's very subtle and the colour payoff is great as well. I did a blog post on this here if you'd like to see.

33 Lilas D'or by Bourjois is also another favourite of mine. I love Bourjois eyeshadows and blushers, mostly because of the cute little packaging! It's a beautiful warm pink when applied with fine gold shimmer to it. It's very subtle when applied which is why I really like it as its kinda perfect for everyday. If you apply this lightly, you get a beautiful glow to your skin but if you build that up it really gives more of a flushed effect. It looks very natural and the pigmentation is lovely too. Apparently this is a dupe for NARS orgasm? and the difference between the two is that the gold shimmer is much more visible and stand out more in Nars but not in this. Do you guys think that? I found this out today!

I hope you guys liked this post of mine!
What are your favourite blushers? I really want to know!
Anyone else a blusher addict?

Hareem x


  1. These are really pretty! I havent tried any blush from Sleek bc some of them have a lot of shimmer. Great picks!

  2. I have Bourjois Lilas D'or too! I love blusher too, can't be without it! xx

  3. The Sleek one looks so pretty! I want to try some Sleek blushers.

  4. I'm quite a recent convert to blush and so far love Sleek.

  5. I really need to try a Natural Collection Blusher, looks fab :) xx

  6. I am obsessed with blush at the moment, I have far too many considering I use one a day! I don't have any of these though... uh oh! xx


  7. I may need to do some shopping now :p these all look great! Another great Sleek blush is Rose Gold. It's gorgeous.


  8. i love sleek blushers, they are amazing! was disappointed with elf's candid coral! x

  9. Sleek blushers are so amazing :)

    Great post hun xx

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  10. I love the palladio one! it's amazing! xo


  11. I love the natural collection one!

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  12. I love Sleek blushes! They are so amazing, and so cheap! xo

  13. The Palladio one is such a beautiful shade and sounds super good for your skin too. Love hearing about amazing new products xx

  14. Nice collection of blushers you have. I also use 33 Lilas D'or by bourjois. After applying this blusher, it gave me very natural effect. This is the reason that I love this shade.

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  15. i love natural collection products!


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