06 September 2012

Autumn Trends 2012

Autumn is here. Already! And to be honest I am 'kinda' excited because of the clothing.
I kinda like autumn because of all the cosy clothing  :D
I put together some collages on Polyvore as that is my new addiction, and came up with three trends. Now there are so many more but I kinda picked 3 of the very obvious ones.

Blues in Cerulean, navy, royal blue and teal are going to be a big hit this autumn (as I read). Now I personally Love Cerulean and Teal so even if it wasn't a trend I would still wear these colours in autumn as they are very warm toned and deep. Infact I did last year. I love that clutch and that bracelet!

Berry Tones

Berry red hues is another trend this year. But wasn't this like last year too? Anyways, I love this as well because again purples and burgundy's are very warm and deep. It also adds a lot of colour in your outfit and looks classy. I think that this colour suits most people as well and looks gorgeous.  Tailored sharp blazers and structured dresses look really nice in this particular colour too.

Leather is also another trend. Apparently there is gonna be a lot of Faux leather. I am not a huge fan of leather to be honest  because I feel I can't really pull it off but I do however love those shoes ;)
There are people who can pull this look and I think it looks great on them. I like the fact that some of these pieces are not completely leather but has just elements of it, such as having the sleeves made out of leather but the rest being cotton or jersey like the shirts above. I like how for the baby pink dress, it's a leather bodice and a sheer flowy skirt which softens the look a lot and will probably suit everyone.

Besides these three mustard is also another colour very popular this autumn as well as pastels which I thought was kinda odd since there was a lot of pastels in the spring/summer.
All the clothing featured here is from Newlook if you were wondering :)

I had fun making this and hope you liked it!
What is your favorite trend is season?
Hareem x


  1. I love all the pieces you've picked!

  2. I love the green top and everything from the berry collection. Never realised I loved the berry colour so much x


  3. love the leather and berry colours for autumn winter, thanks for sharing lovely!

    Eda ♥

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  4. love the berry and leather trends at the moment, really need to get myself a leather jacket- love the flatforms too! xx


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