05 September 2012

Leor Cooling Peppermint Foot scrub

Hey guys,
I have review for you all today about a foot scrub by a brand I was recently introduced to called Leor. It's the Leor cooling foot scrub in peppermint*. I've actually been wanting a good foot scrub for a while now so this came in just in time. The condition of my heels was really bad. I will not go into details : /

Anyways Leor was established in 2011, formally known as FeelGood box where they only sold gift boxes. Since then, they have changed a lot and now sell a variety of bath and body products in various fragrances. All Leor products are sulphate and paraben free and also not tested on animals.

Okay so, I really loved the packaging when it arrived. It's pretty classy and very simple and easy to use. It's a very nice sized product (120 ml) and retails at £8.00. It has a label around it that describes the product and explains how to use it, all being very simple.

When I opened it, it literally smelled like Christmas time. No joke. The peppermint fragrance is indeed very strong and I loved that! As soon as you open the lid, you'll smell it straight away. It smells so good, exactly like peppermint candy canes! The product itself looked really interesting. It's such a pretty blue colour and looks like crystals or like slush puppie! haha I love it. What I love about this is that it contains just 4 ingredients, Fine grade Epsom salts, grapeseed oil, peppermint essential oils and cranberry extracts.
The scrub itself is very chunky. When I massaged  the scrub on my feet it almost melted or dissolved  into the skin while exfoliating it. The salt is not at all harsh on the skin. It also gives off a very cooling effect which was really nice. Once you wash it you might feel it to be slightly greasy almost but I am guessing that's because of the oils in the scrub. But the greasy feeling wears of very quickly and it leaves your skin very moisturised and soft. Any dryness will disappear and your skin will feel very smooth. Overall I did really like this because in the end it left my skin feel refreshed and soft as well as moisturised. The previous scrubs I used for my feet actually left my skin feeling quite tight so I did have to moisturise a crazy amount. But this helped with the dryness a lot. I also like the fact that it's not in a liquid state like most foot scrubs but it's almost in a solid form which later dissolves.

Hope you liked my review!
Have you used any Leor products?

Hareem x


  1. Wow it looks and sounds amazing! I'd love this xx

  2. not a fan of peppermint, but this sounds really nice (:

  3. I could do with this foot scrub, I do put my poor feet through a lot! & I love peppermint :) x

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  5. I think my feet could do with a scrub - thank-you for writing such a lovely review.


  6. If it smells of Christmas then it sounds good to me! X

  7. I like how it looks :)Thanks for sharing.


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