07 September 2012

A little Haul

Hello guys,
How is everyone? I can't believe it's September and we are having a mini heatwave. September, seriously. I got out all my autumn clothes -_-
Anyways, like a week ago I went shopping after a long time and got a few items. It's actually nothing special but  I though I would share it with you all :)

Soap and Glory Righteous Butter, Natural Collection Curling mascara (the best natural mascara ever!) and eyeliner, natural collection blush in pink cloud, MUA lipstick in Juicy

Some hair items- Will be reviewing some of these. I am very intrigued by that Henara shampoo for brunettes. Never heard of it but apparently it enhances the colour of your hair. Can't wait to try that out as well as the Twisted Sista curl activator.
I got this really pretty, neutral bracelet from Superdrug. It's really nice for layering with other bracelets. I also got this pair of earrings from Newlook. I love these! They kinda remind me of those Chinese fans!

Jeans- Primark. These are the skinniest jeans ever! I know it says 'super skinny' but seriously it's literally suffocation to your legs. -_- 
Bag from Primark- There is so much space in this! Plus it's very neutral so goes with a lot of things and has a long strap too.
This is my favorite! Also from Primark. I love the bow it has and the colour and this is actually very sturdy. The quality of this bag is really good. It's like side bag but much bigger. Not sure what you call them. LOVE!
Bag from Miss Selfridge. I got this from the sale that they had. Can't remember how much it was but I really liked it. It a very light cream colour though it looks much darker in the image. It's a boxy shape plus the opening and closing way is pretty different so I quite liked it for that plus very neutral and this goes with literally everything!
Shoes primark. So gonna take of the little heart things :/ besides that i really like these and the quilted feel to it.
Shoes- Primark I needed new flats and these were reduced to £2 so yeah got these.
Shoes Primark. Some basic trainer things LOL
Shoes also Primark. These are so cute! I had a pair like before but they got used very very badly and these were now reduced to £2 so I though why not ;)
This has to be my favorute item. I got this sheer blouse in this really nice coral shade from Internacionale. I love this so much :D

There were some other items that I forgot to photograph :/
What did you buy recently?
Hareem x


  1. You picked up some lovely things. I have that shade of the MUA lipstick but found it doesn't go on as well as the other shades :( Let me know how yours is!

    I love the bags you picked up from primark!

    Kelsey xx

  2. The cream bag is so cute! Try MUA eyeliner is really good for £1 I was shocked at its performance.

    Love the last skirt too



  3. I looooove that blush! It's a great color for everyday! xx

  4. The earrings look so cute and I'm totally in love with the bow bag!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  5. you picked up some really cute things, love the shoes and coral shirt.x


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