09 September 2012

Japonesque - Safari Chic Collection

Hi guys!
Today I have a review of something very cute from Japonesque's safari chic collection! When I saw the the images of the safari chic collection I was thinking that these are possibly too good to use and I was right. I actually didn't want to use it cause it kinda looked cool!

It was pretty hard to photograph the brush for some reason but nevertheless I did it.The Japonesque Safari Chic bronzer brush ( RRP £19.50) is made out of synthetic fibres making it very animal friendly which is a plus. It's a domed shape brush ( very much like a kabuki brush) and has very soft bristles to it. I actually use this for applying powder instead of bronzer as I don't really use bronzer but it still works very well for that (or any other powder etc) and is so soft! It's not prickly or scratchy at all. I did test it out for contouring and sculpting and usually I would use a much stiffer brush to do that but this brush worked really well for it. It definitely feels like a very luxurious and chic brush that gives an even application and blends the product beautifully. I forgot to photograph how it was sent to me but the packaging was really great! I think that the fact it's designed with animal print bristles is very unique and original and I personally think it's so cute. Who doesn't like a bit of animal print? Like I said, possibly too good to use!

The Japonesque Safari Chic Bronzer brush is available to purchase from hqhair.
I hope you guys liked this post!
Have you tried any Japonesque brushes?
What do you think about the safari chic collection?

Hareem x


  1. It looks so pretty and so soft.

  2. I looks so pretty! I'd probably never use it and just leave it on my table to look at all day! xo


  3. I have this brush too and I think its so cute! I love it xx


  4. OMG that's the best brush I've ever seen! Where can you get them from? xx


  5. Oh my god, you're right! It's too beautiful to use! Haha. :)



  6. I've just found your blog through the bbloggers chat :). It's a great blog and these brushes look amazing :) xxx

    A Scholar Life

  7. Dying to try some Japonesque brushes! Every review of them is so positive!


  8. I got this brush too and absolutely love it! xo

  9. such gorgeous brushes, this one is amazing :D

  10. this loooks so cool! i love the safari vibe.x

  11. I think I just fell in love with this brush, omg, I need it in my life! xxx


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