11 January 2012

Rio Rosa Mosqueta Day and Night cream review

Hey guys,
I am going to be reviewing a skin care products today. Its a day and night anti ageing cream that I recieved from a company called Rio Rosa Mosqueta. Now I don't really need an anti ageing cream at the moment so I gave it to my mum to try out. She has been using this for about a month now. Their products also include Oils and capsules which have been clinically proved to reduce signs of ageing, scars, blemishes etc. 

Okay so What is it?

 In the Chilean Andes which is a mountain range located in South America, grows a wild rose, Rosa Affines Rubiginosa, which is commonly known as Rosa MosquetaRio Rosa Mosqueta oil is pressed from the rosehips and is extremely rich in Essential Fatty Acids that are very important  for the body to heal scar tissue. On their website they also tell you that the Rosa Mosqueta oil has also contains Trans-Retinoic Acid - a natural form of Vitamin A. This naturally occurring compound is the explanation for effectiveness for scarring and ageing effects such as pigmentation.

Rio Rosa Mosqueta beeld
The wild rose plant

They claim to do the following.
  • Dramatically reduce all visible scars
  • Diminish Stretch Marks
  • Smooth away fine lines and crow’s feet
  • Reduce the signs of ageing
  • Treat sun damage and dry skin
  • Keeps your skin supple, soft & hydrated

Okay so firstly, I love the packaging. Its really nice, simple yet very classy...well atleast for me!
The cream itself comes in a jar but the jar comes in a little box that has a lid to it which you place it back into place... terrible, terrible description. The box has information all around it even on the inside which is something that I liked and found quite useful. It gives you usage instructions as well as the ingredients. 

The cream is Organic and free from chemical ingredients as well as parabens, paraffin or any kind of synthetic ingredients. The  organic formula contains Rosa Mosqueta rosehip oil with Bulgarian rose extract. It also has other   skin ingredients such as Shea Butter, Macadamia nut oil, Aloe vera, Calendula, Horsetail and Chamomile.  completely free from parabens, paraffin or other synthetic ingredients.

I love the jar. It's a frosted glass jar with a silver lid...as you can probably tell by the image  haha

Once you open the lid it has this 'flap' thing that you can lift up...sorry about my awesome description!
The consistency of the cream is not thick but its not runny. Its in the middle and I personally found it to be of a perfect consistency. Now you may think that the amount you get in the jar is not alot as its a medium sized jar but trust me you need only a tiny bit...just a tiny bit as it moisturizes very nicely and gets absorbed in your skin.

It gives you the usage as well.

The cream is for all skin types and the fragrance of it is amazing. I literally love the smell of it as it smells of fresh roses. The cream is quite cooling as well when you apply it and your skin feels quite velvety and moisturized. My mum also told me that her skin felt very dry by the morning no matter how much she would moisturize it the night before but after using this she said her skin felt very nice and soft in the morning. 
She also told me that she has seen a difference on her face when it comes to pigmentation or spot marks. Her skin also felt tighter. Another thing that she also told me was that her skin feels alot healthier and she notices a reduction in the depth of the few fine lines on her forehead.

So overall she really liked this product and would purchase it in the future as its quite effective and does what it claim.
Now what has worked for her may not work for you but I though I would still review this product as she found it very effective.
The cream is of 50ml, retails at £14.99 and you can buy it here.
For more info the website is Here and you can also follow them on twitter here. 

I hope you guys liked this :)
Have used Rose hip Oil before?



  1. Seems like a great product. =D

  2. wow sounds as if it really works!! thanks for sharing hun:) x

  3. thanks for share it! it´s amazing

  4. Wow that is really cool. And the flower is so pretty!



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