07 January 2012

BarryM dazzle dust

Hey guys,

I LOVE BarryM. Their products are truly amazing that has great quality and will give you your money's worth. I am a huge fan of their lip paints, nail paints and dazzle dusts.

Today I am gonna show you guys some of their dazzle dusts.
I thought I would share some of my favorites :)
One the website it gives you the name but on the little pots it only says the number. I love how they are in cute little glass pots. You only need a small amount to work with hence they'll last you a while. The eye dusts give your eyes a nice sheen and sparkle; perfect for glamour eyes! I love how they have a huge range of shades with vibrant bold colors. A tad bit of fallout but I can put that aside as I love these! The dazzle dusts retails at £4.59.

This first one is called cherry red, number 84
This is a really nice, pigmented dazzle dust that has pink and purple undertones to it. For me this is a colour that is unique and is hard to find. I used this on my eyes and it gave a really nice cherry red colour, hence the name! This is one of those hard to find colours, truly different. Sorry about the swatches, they came out a little blurry, I think lol. 

The second one that I want to show you guys is called Winter Berry/ number 88.
This is a gorgeously pigmented, intense purple/magenta colour and one of my favorites. Its got a really nice pearly glittery touch to it . Perfect for a night out or any other special occasion or party. It has speckles of pink glitter in it and a gold touch, which adds to the pearlised effect.

The third one is called Mint Green/ number 82. 
This is also one of those shades that you'll find but it just wont be WOW as this has happened to me before. Finally thanks to BarryM I have finally found that 'perfect' shade. This green colour is really pretty with gold glitter speckles in it. Its more opaque when applied but its quite buildable and works nicely.

sorry about the red swatch!

And lastly but defiantly not the least, is BarryM's Fine glitter dust which comes in  22 gorgeous shades of loose pearl colour that have been  blended with ultra fine, diamond like glitter flecks. These are stunning and I am definalty gonna purchase some more of these. 

The one I have is called Opal/ number 21. 
I love the name descriptions for the eyeshadows! 

A beautiful grey/black colour with emerald green glitter flecks in it. I am in love with this. This is brilliant to apply over black eyeshadow as its under colour, black, is not exactly black, more like a soft charcoal. You can do a great smoky using this with other colours as well. The light hits the glitter very nicely and make it sparkle haha. This also retails at £4.59.

Hope you guys liked this post :)

Have you tried any BarryM products, I would love to know. :)



  1. i have loads of the dazzle dusts and always get forgotten, the fallout is a pain but the colour out weighs that, love the berry one! i need it xx

  2. the opal/ black glitter dust is goooooorgeous! Id love to use the pots but have a feeling I'd make a massive mess xo

  3. I have a pink one... I won it in a giveaway wayyyy back... It kinda "stains" my eyes. Like when I wash it off at night, it leaves my eyes stained with pink.. o_O so I don't use it as much.

  4. @emily You should deffo check out the berry one its gorgeous!

    @twograzedknees I usually use a flat brush and use the eyeshadow thats deposited in the lid..make sense? lol less mess that way!

    @arianne Some of the shades do stain as they're really pigmented. the cherry red stained as well but i used an eye makeup remover and it came off straight away :)

  5. Ive had a hot pink one since i was 15! Considering how many loose eyeshadows i have i should really own more Barry M ones! <3

  6. love these! need to get myself some more! i love the way you have took the photos x

    sophie @ thesecretavenue.com

  7. wish i could get barry m where i live but they dont stock it ): x

  8. It's all sooooooo pretty! Especially the black one, it's like outer space! lol, Cool post ^.^


  9. I love Barry M dazzle dust and haven't tried these shades. They look great, shopping list grows hehe x

    1. The comment box just won't load so, I am using the reply option...anyway, they do look nice and pigmented!


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