14 January 2012

The 2011 MUA Haul

Hello hello people :)

Well last year, I got alot of MUA items but never really posted it so I though to do it now. Better late than never!
At that time they had the offer where if you spend £8 on MUA you get an immaculate palette free. I actually got 2 immaculate palettes and gave one to my auntie as I went back to get a bit more of items...bad I know! The offers is not available anymore but the items are.
MUA is deffinatlty my first stop at Superdrug. I just simply love all their products for the value and the quality.
This post is a little picture heavy as I went a little crazy with my photography lol hahah
But who doesn't love pictures...I know I do :D

 The immaculate palette which has alot of pigmented colours for a night time party look or even for a daytime more subtle look.

 The ever so popular 'heaven on earth' palette aka my 'the naked palette' :)  This is my everyday thing and it's awesome. You can do alot with this (£4)!

Pearl eyeshadows in shades 4 and 8
pearl eyeshadows in shades 5 and 6

I love love love their pearl eyeshadows! Amazing colour payoff and great intensity and only £1 each.

 I also got a mosaic bronzer in natural glow for £2.50 which gives a really pretty opaque sheen to your cheeks,  great product. I also got a Foundation in shade 3 gentle fawn for £2, which turned out to be a shade darker but I mix this with a lighter foundation and works great.

Glitter intense eyeliners for £1 each and yes very intense! The black is my favorite as its so dark. The glitter shows up very well as well.

Hope guys liked this haul of mine :)
and let me know if guys have tried any of these and how you got on with it :)
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  1. The aqua colour is just gorgeous! And congrats on 127 :)


  2. Great haul :) The immaculate palette looks so cool! Well done on 127! :D xx

  3. Great haul can't wait to get my hands on some MUA such an affordable price making sure we can all keep up with the beauty industry :) xx

  4. So jealous! I have a few MUA products but they are only from the £1 range. They don't stock the others to my disappointment ;(


  5. i really want the 'heaven on earth' palette... need to get myself to a superdrug haha x

  6. thanks for all your comment :)
    @ 21saraloves thanks! and its a really beautiful colour for only £1! :)

    @ laura thankyou! the immaculate palette is really nice lots of different shades that you can play around with!

    @ simdeella you should deffo check it out they have alot of items in their range :)

    @ nicola I think you can get the MUA PRO range from their website now :)

    @jess It took me ages to go and that palette! hehe but its well worth it for the price i would say £4!


  7. I love MUA so much. Wish I'd got the immaculate palette, looks so gorgeous! xxx

  8. I really wish my local superdrug sold the MUA professional range! I really want to try the heaven and earth pallette and the matte foundation! great haul :) xx


  9. Everytime I go to my local Superdrug the heaven and earth pallet is sold out!! I just gave up lol Fab haul xx

  10. Im glad you posted a lot of pictures! I love pictures lol ;) I always gravitate towards bright, saturated colors, but end up buying neutral colors. For that reason, the Heaven on Earth palette is something I'd like. I'm always so timid when it comes to trying bright colors :/ I'm a chicken in the makeup department...LOL!

    Great haul, hun!



  11. I love MUA's range, such great products! Value for money for sure.

    Marie x


  12. Lovely haul. I think I'm gonna get myself the heaven on earth palette,bronzer and foundation after seeing yours :) <3

  13. I need to get my self some MUA eyeshaodws1 Heard great things about the individual oneas and only £1!! Bargain

    www.absolutleybeautiful.blogspot.com xx


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