08 August 2011

ELF Haul

Hey guys,
Recently Elf had a 50% of sale so I kinda took advantage and got a few items I had my eye on.
I will be doing seprate reviews and maybe some comaprisions as well on some of the products.

I was actually really excited when this came through the post. Talk about being 12 LOL.
Some of the items I got, are raved about all the time and some were a repurchase.

I ordered three ELF cream eyeliners which I have heard so much about, in gunmetal a shimmery sliver colour, coffee a brown shade and midnight a dark blue. I have not tried these on yet but I definitely will be doing a separate review on these.

I also ordered the new 3 piece eyelid primer set which I can't wait to try out. This comes in 3 shades; Champagne, pearl and nude. This is another item I definitely will be doing a review on.
With this I also ordered a blush in Candid coral and I love this! Its such a pretty colour with some shimmer. Review? Maybe.

Also I bought an all over cover stick in warm peach,a tinted moisturiser (repurchase), 2 hypershine lipglosses in Vixen and flirt and 2 mineral lipsticks in Natural nymph which I have heard so much about and cool coral.

The lipstick colours here really dont do justice. The colours are a little lighter.

I also got some nail polishes in teal,nude, fuchsia and smoky brown.

Oh and yes some blending wedges and a stipple brush. And that's it. sorry for this being so long. Did any of you guys buy any items from the 50% of sale? or any of these you have tried on?

let me know.


  1. Cant wait to see the cream eyeliner review ive had my eye on those for a while now !! great haul :)

  2. did u say "few"?? that's like half the line! lol jk I never buy from ELF

  3. I didn't get to the sale, and I LOVE elf! I'm soooooooo jealous. Do a review! Do a review! lol


  4. @shopping bag full of dreams.... thankyou! and ill do a review on them so you can see if theyre worth it or not :)
    @ arianne cruz... hahaha i realized that as well :P
    @ arrianne i will deffo do a review :)

  5. I loove the polishes! i always love ELFs packaging.

  6. Wow! That's some haul. You have it all and I love it all :)Have u tried stila's lip glazes? If yes, are the elf ones beter?

  7. wow u got loads!! aw you got Natural Nymph too, its so nice dont u think? Great haul and lovely blog, as always :)


  8. @ hannah elizabeth its lovely! its a really pretty colour :)and thankyou :)

  9. Wow that is a hell lot of stuff. I love elf's sales. Can't wait for the reviews :) <3

  10. ya the sales are great and 50% off :D !!!

  11. efl,,, again! gosh I am seeing the range super often just these past few days but I have not tried them out! So jealous at you! ;p
    I blog about current Japanese beauty secrets and rank it, so plz check it out! ThanX!

  12. wow amazing haul! I feel like I just went shopping haha. Also please please please review the elf eyeliners :) ive heard alot about them! thanks x

  13. hahah thanks :)
    yep that will be up in a couple of days :)


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