02 August 2011

Best of July :)

Hey guys...this is a bit of a rushed post sorry!
I have had so much to do lately I feel like I am neglecting my blog.
Anyways I thought that I might do a post on July favorites or the best of July.
This summer has gone so fast :(

Okay so firstly I have been loving the Garneir body intensive lotion. This is amazing. You just put it on and it leaves you feeling amazing! The smell is nice as well and it actually does what it says...hydrates your skin. It says it has nourishing Shea butter. After using it for a whole week my skin definitely felt nourished and hydrated and the dryness was definitely low. I applied it in the morning and till night my skin felt really good. Its only £2.99. What more can you ask for?

The second product is a body mist spray. I have used this product quite frequently over the years and it has now become my all time must have especially for the summer time. This is the Sunflowers, Exhilarators with sunflower and orange. The smell is so fresh and lifting and it helps you feel refreshed. Definitely try this out.

This is a hair product that I adore. The TRESemme Curl Defining frizz control mousse. My hair is in between straight, wavy and slight curls so I figured this would be something great to try.I have stopped using heat on my hair the past 3 months or so and it has definitely made a difference. I just use this product in damp hair and scrunch it in my hair and just let be natural and it looks great. It doesn't make it appear sticky or greasy but quite nourished and healthy. Love this.

Now these two items are from No7 that I initially disliked. The first is a primer and the second is a foundation. They're both from the intelligent colour line. I must say when I bought them and tried them out a couple of times at home I thought it was a waste of money as the foundation and the primer both dried out my skin even more. But I bought these in winter when my oily skin type gets quite dry. I randomly decided to give these another go like a month ago and they work amazing. The primer blocked out all the shine on my skin and the excessive oil and the foundation is really light weight and you get a barely there, powdery feeling.Its not a lot of coverage but it is very lightweight. I figured that these two products are great for summer and not so great for winter.

And my last group is my pink group consisting of my July blusher, lipstick and nail colour.

MUA lipstick in shade 4 is in my bag ever since I bought it. I love how much moisture it gives you and how summer perfect it is.

Natural collection blusher in Sugarplum. Recently bought this and I've been addicted to this. Its very subtle on the cheeks and gives you the perfect rosy with a hint of bronze colour.

ELF all over cover-stick in Pink lemonade is also another item that I've been using as a blusher. It gives a really natural dewy finish on the cheeks. Been loving this for the past month.

And last but not the least Rimmal nail colour in pink punk. I love this colour. Its my all time favorite and sadly it has been discontinued. Always the god stuff. Its a perfect summer pink.

Check out my summer besties tag here. :)

Hope guys enjoyed this post :)
Any July favorites of yours?



  1. Great faves! Love the lipstick xx

  2. Lipstick looks fab. Nice faves too. Nice selection! x

  3. I love the eyeko cheek tint, it literally lasts all day! :) rachinald.blogspot.com :)

  4. Thanks for following my blog, I'm following you back now :)

    That’s So Fletch
    xo, Jay

  5. Lovely favourites. I especially liked the PINK grouping ;)


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