16 July 2011

Style Crush - Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester looks amazing whether its her hair or her clothes. Her style is a little bit daring in a way..when it comes to red carpet. Her causal look is so nicely put together. The clothing items are nicely coordinated. And when it comes to red carpet she looks amazing. Seriously its amazing how she pulled off some of theses dresses. I think we need to shed some light on her stunning style.

All images by Google Images

The last two dresses look really amazing. Loving her causal style too...effortless.
What do you guys think about her style?


  1. I would never be able to wear her first outfit:)but I like all the other ones

  2. not only are her outfits awesome, but also her makeup and shoes! :D

  3. I love her style, I honestly think she's flawless to, also looks so sophisticated all the time :)

    Great post lady :)

    Christie xo

  4. @beauty shades ... I know right me neither haha
    @ Arianne I knew I forgot to mention something...love love love her makeup :)
    @ Christie thankyou :) shes really doll like :)

  5. Ha, Leighton Meester is sooooo pretty! & she's actually a pretty good singer too! ^.^


  6. yep Ive heard some her music and shes really good !!


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