17 July 2011

Haul- Bits and bobs

I recently went down to Primark and Newlook just to have a little look about...but as usual ended up getting some bits and bobs ;)

Quite liked the different sort of strands on these bracelets :D
I think the peach beads were only £1 and the other two were £2.50...I think...but I am loving these chunky bracelets at the moment :D

Ring reduced to £1...love this one.

I didn't own a single pair of feather earrings and though it was time to get some since feather earring are like so in this summer. So I found these really pretty ones in Primark for just £1 in cream. I guess they were more casual looking...If that makes sense.
Flower pin thing £1 for 2.

I went to Newlook as well and they were having this massive clear out on the jewelry.

I got this really cute bird or dove necklace... Love it. and this was only a £1 as well, reduced from £5.99. Bargain :D

I found this double ring thing and it seemed kinda vintigi looking so I was like what the hell....this was reduced to only £1 as well. Some great sale :D

And this last ring seemed so Summery and I believe this was also in the reduction line for £3. It just seemed like one of those summer items with a maxi dress and I love...worn it a couple of times as well :)

Tell me what you guys think :)


  1. Love this haul! The bird ring is stunning! You grabbed some serious bargains :) xx


  2. awww thankyou :) I know what bargains hahah

  3. Love all of these! great buys :) xxx

  4. everything is so pretty! you got the goods, haha. I love love loooooooooove that dove ring, lucky butt :p

  5. Great bargains. Everything is beautiful.Especially the bird necklace. Very pretty.

  6. great haul! i love all the necklaces you bought! the chain is my favorite :)


  7. i love everything
    i followed x

  8. I have the same ring from the last picture and I love it so much :)

  9. thanks for commenting guys :D Love all your opinions :)

  10. Oh, I love it when these shiny baubles are reduced. .looks like a fab haul! x

  11. Blog Award! lol


  12. Ouuu i need the bracelet (3rd one down on the first pic) in my life! SO cool! The primark in my area is seriously rubbish tho! >.< rachinald.blogspot.com

  13. thanks guysss :D makes me really happy that I have such good support :)


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