13 July 2011

Collection 2000 glam crystals dazzling gel liners

Hey guys

Who doesn't love a little sparkle on their eyes?
I have never been a fan of glitter eyeliner or the gel eyeliners mainly because they never ever worked for me. Either too sticky or the colour did't show up.
It was actually my mother who got me one of these Collection 2000 gel liner and after giving it a go I love them. I am really happy with them. Its a clear gel with lots and lots of tiny glitter particles packed in it. Ahhh I love these. They're so pretty!! These come in a variety of colours and my aim is to get hold of all of them hahah ;)These retail at about £2.99 which is great. Can't go wrong here.
And yes I know these have been out for ages but I only tries them like some months ago.

I got three other colours in these afterwards. I like to layer it on top of an eyeliner or even use it on top of an eyeshadow for a really glittery look, mostly at night though.

But i would say that you do have to layer it about 2-3 times to get that perfect line and the colour. The brush is quite soft which sometimes can be a problem for some but I find it alright.

In 1 Glitz...a silver colour

In 2 Pizzazz...an emerald shade

In 3 Punk... a gold colour

In 7 Rock Chick... which is black and my favorite

Some swatches :) indoors and outdoors

I overall quite like these and would recommend it for night time to add glamour to your eyes. If you guys have any other recommendations for a glitter liner do tell me please :D Have you guys tried these out? If so what did you think?


PS. I am still getting used to blogging and I love it haha and if you guys have any requests feel free to comment :)


  1. I love the glam crystals my favourite is dancing queen

  2. I ve never really tried them, but now i am intrigued! Pizzaz and Rock chick look awesome!

  3. @beautyshades omg that was like the next one in my list to buy :D

    @ Evil nelly rock chick is my favorite :D

  4. I've never tried those before but they look sooooooo pretty!I love glittery stuff!

  5. Hey! I'm french and love your blog ! Those glitters are amazing!

    Come and visit


  6. Great review, I was shocked to see how much glitter comes out of them. Might have to invest in a couple :)

    Christie xo


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