20 July 2011


I have been loving the MUA line at Superdrug for a while now and just thought that I would share a couple of items that I recently picked up.
I got 3 lipsticks in the shades 2,4 and 11 and two nail polishes in the shade 4 and 9.

I am in love with these lipsticks! They appear so natural and have a sheen finish. I would also say that they are quite moisturizing as well which is a great thing too. The pigmentation is really good as well but it does depend on the colour you're getting. For example Shade 2 is light pink colour which is very sheen and here the pigmentation is light in a way but that's because its such a light shade. The other two colours that I picked up are darker colours and their pigmentation is amazing as well. What else could you ask for, for just a £1. All items are £1 each! BARGAIN!

The colours are actually true to what they have shown on the lids.

With flash


I also got two nail polishes as well which are also great. Shade nine is a blue colour and shade 4 is an red-orange colour. You need about 2-3 coats for a maximum impact on the nails and for an intense colour. Overall I really have nothing bad about them and am not just saying that cause its only a pound. Being very honest :D

I think that this line offers you great quality products for a cheaper price :)
Any other products I should try out by MUA? Let me know :D



  1. The new felt liner from the pro range (it's only £2) I found to be absolutely amazing! and I love the blushers too...well in all honesty I think every woman should have all MUA products because there is practically no fault! :D fantastic review.
    Katii x

  2. I am yet to try out the Pro range but I am deffo gonna check out the felt liner. Tried the blushers as well and theyre great as well.'...thanks for telling me :) x

  3. A girl has to have her makeup, right??? Priorities.

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  4. Heya! :) the bracelets on my blog are handmade by me! The link is at the top of the post silly! :P rachinald.blogspot.com

  5. Great haul. Beautiful lipsticks and blushes. You should try the marbling effect with these nail colors. Enjoy your products.

  6. Amazing!
    Great blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  7. Great haul :) I love the MUA range and in particular the lipsticks, will definitely have to pick up that gorgeous nude coral shade 11!

    The eyeshadows are amazing as well, they are only a pound and are really nicely pigmented in a great range of colours!!

    I really want to pick some stuff up from their Pro Range!

    Hannah xx

  8. i love the colors of the lipsticks!! i like it when they put true colors on the lid because i hate picking up a cute shade then finding it to be different then what i thought!do try out other products i'd be looking for some swatches!! :) <3

  9. so pretty colors....love them....

  10. love the post

  11. thanks everyone :) comments appreciated x


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