21 November 2015

The Camel Coat Edit

Camel coloured coats are all the talk this season. Literally. Everywhere you go, every picture on instagram you may come across, you're bound to see a camel coloured coat of some sort. I do think people have a love hate relationship with it though. I love it. Not since now but since last year. I think this fashion hype has been elevated ever since Kim K was spotted sporting a camel coat and then followed by other countless celebrities. What you may think the colour 'camel' is may not actually be 'camel' for someone else hence why I do like that it's basically all different shades of nude. Tan, beige, camel, nude etc. whatever you'd like to call it. I was actually looking for a coat today online and thought hey why not do a little blog post about it. I miss doing my fashion posts that I used to do (even though they're not that great. I try!) and I had an urge to blog today as well after so long. I am back to studying with a new job hence why I've been gone but hey better late than never. Clearly going off tangent now. Anyways back to the camel coat. I've put together a little inspirational collage with a few affordable coats. My favourite is the Newlook Camel Coat which is around £30. Not bad for a coat at all. I actually tried this on in store today but for some reason I didn't get it and yes I do regret it now. I am currently on the Newlook website right now buying it by the way just to let you all know. It was such a great fit. Oversized but just right. Also the coat from Boohoo.com is quiet nice too. I am sort of loving the exaggerated collar there. Let me know what you guys think about this current trend. I'll link the rest below :)

River Island Camel Belted Robe Coat

ASOS petite Coat in Midi with Stab Stitch Detail (little bit on the pricier side)

Romwe Lapel Belt Pockets Camel Coat

ASOS Brave Soul Belted Coat With Oversize Hood
Hareem x

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