26 January 2015

The Library of Fragrance - Bulgarian Rose

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I love my fragrances. I have a bit of an overflowing collection (as my mum likes to say) but you can't blame me. It's another addiction. The Library of fragrance Bulgarian rose* is a new addition to the 'overflowing' collection. I'm sure you guys have been reading lots of reviews on fragrances by the Library of Fragrance. When I first heard about it I thought the concept was great. It's different and sometimes that's what we need. The fragrances are described as cologne sprays and they have a huge variety to choose from. What I love about these is not only that there's an array of scents but how unusual and different they are. Some of these include gin and tonic, baby powder and even play doh.
I love a good floral scent and roses are deffo one of them. Out of all, Bulgarian rose (30ml) is what sounded lovely to me which is a cologne spray. It's described as a clean, fresh scent. 

'Harvested by hand, Bulgarian rose oil is also known as ‘liquid gold’ in the perfume industry, because it takes more than 1,300 rose blossoms to create just one gram of rose oil! This incredible flower is still only grown in two places in the world – Turkey and Bulgaria – which offer the perfect conditions for it to flourish.'
I did have an idea of what this scent will be like as I've previously have used products with the same fragrance. At first when you spray this, it starts off as being quite a sweet and sharp scent but then instantly turns into a floral rose fragrance. Within a few seconds the rose note comes through. I wouldn't say it's a light scent as described but a little stronger. You literally only need about 2 sprays or even 1 as I do find it to be quite overpowering if used too much. It may not be light but it's certainly a soft fragrance and is 'very' floral. If you like rose scents then you'll love this. The best way for me to describe this for you guys in simple words is that this is a soft yet quite a strong fragrance and almost like a'grown up' kind of a fragrance. It lasts a really good time as well. Certainly better than some of my perfumes if you ask me. You can also layer these scents to almost create your own personal fragrance. Also, the bottle itself is great I think. The size is great to throw in your handbag. It's a nice simple bottle which I really like. 
Boots are currently stocking 28 of their fragrances which can be bought online at Boots.com but this one unfortunately is not part of the Boots line up but you can purchase this online from the brands own site. They all retail at £15. 
I've been into my Boots and have had a look at all the other fragrances that are available and I kinda want a few because they smell so lovely and unique. There's very different scents like thunderstorm, fresh laundry, fresh cut grass (which btw smells exactly like fresh cut grass!) and rain. I'll be honest and tell you guys that if you want to maybe get a present for someone this would be great. To me this is like getting a fragrance according to someones personality and it's different. I have peony and jasmine on my wishlist currently. Let me know what you guys think!
Hareem x

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