06 December 2013

TIGI - Bed Head Ego Boost

I blogged about the TIGI dry shampoo a few days ago which I loved (and by that I mean LOVE). I was excited to give TIGI's bed head ego boost* a go which is a leave in conditioner. I've never actually used a leave in conditioner before and this particular one specifically claims to mend split end which currently I have a lot of because I have straightened the hell out of my hair. All my fault! Anywho, I shall get on with the review now!

TIGI's ego boost claims to be a split end mender that aims to seal the broken ends of your hair. Besides that it also claims to reduce frizz. I've heard mixed reviews on this particular product and I have mixed thoughts myself. I'll get to the positives first. It has a medium consistency of a conditioner and smells gorgeous. This is a great product for hydrating your hair. It really adds the moisture back into my hair especially the ends. This weather is so drying and that affect my hair too. The ends of my hair become really soft especially if I decide to straighten my hair later on. It reduces the visibility of the split ends I am currently dealing with. Split ends in my opinion can only disappear forever by cutting or trimming your hair but I love how this helps to reduce the appearance of them as they are a lot less noticeable. I've noticed that it also de-tangles my hair especially the tiny knots you get after washing your hair. This really helps to reduce frizz and fly-aways as well as giving my hair a sleek finish. It adds a good amount of shine as well. 
Now the thing that makes wonder if this is a perfect product for me is that it makes my hair feel a little heavy. Perhaps that's just me and it may work out for you better. I feel like it just weighs it down a little and by the next day it starts to a little greasy. Saying that I do have oily hair so perhaps for dry hair it may be not do that. That is my only concern but besides that it does exactly what it says. It smells lovely and I adore the bubbly pink packaging. I love that it has  a pump to it as well which makes taking the product out so much easier.  

You can check out TIGI's Bed Head Ego Boost here for £12.50. 
Have you ever given the TIGI Bed Head Ego Boost a go? 

Hareem x

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  1. Thanks for the review! I agree with you about split ends. The best way to get rid of them is a hair cut. However, if this product helps conceal them, then I'm giving it a try! I'll have to wait until my hair grows out a bit more since I don't have any split ends at the moment.

    Have a great weekend, Hareem :)

    xo Azu



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