23 December 2013

Dermalogica Daytime Radiance Kit

Dermalogica's daytime radiance kit is a great travel friendly skincare set that comes with three travel sized products. I've been using these for a while now and expected great things as I adore the Dermalogica daily microfoliant. I love the name as we all want that bit of radiance!

The Dermalogica Daily Radiance Kit* contains 3 products: a Skin Perfect Primer (7ml), a Dynamic Skin Recovery cream (10ml) & a Multivitamin Power Firm cream (5ml).

This kit is targeted towards anti ageing and even though I don't need to use such products immediately, I still have started to use them as prevention (like many people say you should!). The products come in small tubes and are travel friendly. I keep all three in my makeup bag too in case I need to use any. I love that this comes in a mini kit as you get to trail the product and see if you get on with it before purchasing the full sized products as they do cost a bit. 

The Dynamic Skin Recovery Cream
This is an anti ageing moisturizer which is targeted for hydrating your skin. I love products that can hydrate my skin because I have a combination skin type and some parts of skin are very dry. It's actually targeted for mature skin so I did let my mum take part in this as well. It's also aimed to prevent pre-mature ageing. the ingredients present in this promote the production of collagen in our skin and also increases the levels of hyaluronic acid. Both my mum and I have agreed that it definitely hydrates our skin. I like the medium consistency of this and really like how it gives off a firm look to our skin. Another thing I like is that it contains SPF 30 in it which helps to shield against  sun damage. The dynamic skin recovery cream is free from artificial fragrance and colour. I like to use this under foundation as it prevents it from getting cakey and dry which I am really very happy about!

The Multivitamin Power Firm Cream
This is based as a contour cream according to Dermalogica which helps to reduce and blur out any present fine fines or wrinkles. I love the texture of this particular cream. I think it may be a silicon based cream as the texture to is very smooth and velvety once you've applied it. It's targeted for mature ageing skin so both my and I tried it and we both once again agreed that the texture to it is lovely and works as a nice base for makeup. It firms the skin makes it feel even as well as making it appear brighter. I feel like this works almost like a filler as any pores my mum had were really not visible anymore which gets a big thumbs up!
The Skin Perfect Primer
This primer is a smoothing primer, also created for mature skin. It claims to help makeup last longer, smooth out any fine lines as well as brightening your skin. This is my favorite product out of all three items. It really is a lovely primer with a great texture and consistency. Once you apply this doesn't become sticky which I've experienced with some primers. It mattifies the skin and helps to keep foundation and makeup intact. I love how it smooths the skin surface which helps the makeup glide on.  

I actually can't find a link for this kit on Beauty 900 where many more Dermalogica products are available. But check out Beauty 900 and I'll add link asap!

I'd love to know what Dermalogica products you have tried?

Hareem x

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  1. I love Dermalogica products, especially their daily microfoliant :))) xx

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