12 October 2013

Organic Skincare Wishlist

Over the year, organic products have really grown on me. I do think that they are so much better than the normal. I've used my fair share of organic products and have loved them and the results. I just wanted to share a few organic products that I am currently lusting after!
1 - Kiehls - This is a brand I keep hearing about again and again and I know that lots places have a Kiehls store too?! We need one here too! I've read a few review on the Kiehls Acia damage repairing serum which sounds really lovely. I would love to give this a go and see why everyone is loving it! 

2 - Lavera Skincare - This is another brand that is quite popular in the blogging community. Lavera's lip balm is what I want to try. A lip balm you may ask? Two words. Current addiction. I have one of them big Vaseline tins which is actually filled several different types of lip balms. A little crazy perhaps. I found this great deal on Ethical superstore. They have a great selection of organic products actually. Feel free to check out Ethical Superstore and find yourself a product!

3 - Dr.Organic - Do I even need to say how popular this is? Yet, there's me who's not bought anything from them yet! Recently I was looking for Dr.Organic products online and the line that really drew me in was their Moroccan argan oil products particularly the day cream. It sounds so lovely and that wasn't all. I am quite interested to try their pomegranate eye cream. I love pomegranate so it's got to be good? 

4 - Nourish - I've previously tried products by Nourish and have loved them. They're perfect for sensitive skin types and smell great too! I have my eye on the Nourish radiance brightening mosituriser  and the radiance refreshing toning mist. I need a little radiance at the moment and these might just do the job. Winter really brings out the worst when it comes to skin and I need a fix at the moment. 

5 - Organic Surge - Their million dollar anywhere balm sounds like a million dollars. And I'd love to try this. I haven't actually read any reviews of it yet but it's something that caught my eye while looking for organic skincare online. 

6 - Weleda night cream - At the moment, I am using Weleda's skin food which I have in a deluxe sample size and let me tell you, it's some good stuff! A complete winter necessity. If you have dry skin you need that. It's their well known skin food that made me wonder what other heavenly organic skincare they do. The Weleda night cream sounds like something I will enjoy using. I am sorting out my night routine and this would be a great addition to it. 

What is on your organic skincare wishlist?
Any recommendations?
Hareem x


  1. I have heard so much about Dr Organic, I will really need to look more into it. Also need to look more into the organic skincare altogether. Everything on your list looks amazing, I hope you get some (if not all) of them and I will look forward to reading your reviews.


  2. I haven't heard of Nourish will have to have a look into their range.

    I do however like Organic Surge and Weleda products. :)

  3. I've tried the kiehl's acai serum and it really is quite nice. I remember it being quite pricy so right now I'm using one by caudalie that I absolutely love! If you like organic products you should check out the brand Sukin. They make awesome face masks and creams.

  4. I love the weleda skin food too. I really should try out some more of their range

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  5. I love Kiehl's, and the damage repair serum is so lovely. Just wish I could afford to replace mine!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. Great wishlist! I really want to try something from Kiehl's, their Midnight Recovery Serum is meant to be amazing! I highly recommend the Dr Organic Coconut Hand Cream, it's one of my favourites xx

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