01 October 2013

Monochrome Scarves

I am a bit of scarf addict. If I don't wear a scarf, winter or summer, I feel as if my outfit is in complete. It feels odd and quite uncomfortable. Yes, I am that crazy person with a scarf in the summer. I have been wearing scarves for as long as I can remember and have a drawer filled with them which has broken this morning. No more space in there so I guess I need a new area to put my scarves. They're pretty tempting to buy as well. I saw the most beautiful printed silk scarf in Accessorize the other day and fell in love. I am still thinking about it which means I need want it. I couldn't justify the price tag though. It was a lot! 

One trend (if you think it is!) I feel that will never go out of fashion is monochrome because it's so basic, wearable and well, comfortable to wear when it comes to colour. I LOVE monochrome. Got a closet full of black and white. I was having a browse online and whilst looking through scarves again, I kept seeing lots of monochrome scarves every where. That called for a blog post. 

I love monochrome scarves. Things in black and white just look so much better don't they? Take photographs for instance. I know I am going to be getting a few monochrome scarves. Primark and Topshop have a very big array of these at the moment! Also, Oasis which is like my favorite shop at the moment also has some beautiful monochromatic scarves in. You can wear these with anything really and it'll go.  

Do you love scarves? 
What are your opinions on monochrome? 
Hareem x

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  1. I wear scarves in the summer too!! I absolutely love scarves. I quite like the second one on the top row, it looks like it's a chiffon-type material. I'll probably need something thicker soon though.



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